Democrats DEFY Science And World Health Organization And INCREASE COVID Lockdown, Pure HYPOCRISY

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  1. Japan's fine Swedens fine n people just shouldn't be allowed to sue states for this. Our bill of rights and amendments will get us thru this. No one took our president Trumps advice. Call it a wash and get going. Cuz if everything stays still everyone Sue's our country is screwed. This is where the cry babies of America(myself included) December 84 right here need to act American take the hit n move on. If we stay strong enough we should be ok. If we crumble to this divided america will fall. Dont let ccp virus break up the greatest country in the world.

  2. On the other hand you have to go back to Trump gave us the stimulusnl check and That Democrats. Denied it
    howell do trump was helping us thrcr

    ,Best relief package I can think of get Nancy Pelosi out of the White House

    Tjgghry america in trying to help u

  3. FYI – of the original 12 proposed amendments to the Constitution, 11 are now part of the Constitution. Yes, the first 10 are the Bill of Rights, but the 11th became the 27th Amendment over 200 years after it was first proposed. Look up the interesting story about a former UT Austin student whose professor gave him a bad grade in a government class but was right!!!

  4. In Oklahoma we have over 1K positive a day and we don’t have a lot of restrictions. However the death rate has gone drastically down. Our schools are struggling the most. One positive and they shut it down. So the kids go from going to school to schooling from home week to week. We aren’t too far from going back to normal.

  5. Even someone like me without any real education on economics, realized this months and months ago.
    They think you can just stop the cogwheels that drive the world and then expect everything to work out again when they feel like it's ok for whatever reason to open.
    How can not people see that, even a couple months of lockdown will cause unprecedented damage in ways nobody can even begin to imagine.
    Glad we tackled it differently here in Sweden but damn, the world is getting fked more and more by the day.

  6. Thank you Tim, I appreciate you talking about the problems going on here in Australia, especially in the state of Victoria in which I live. It is beyond a joke down here in Victoria, so many people have lost their jobs and our government seems to have lost their minds, and there is immense suffering here in Victoria (but very few COVID cases/deaths). It is a truly terrifying example of allowing progressives to get power, hopefully others are paying attention. Our government in Victoria has completely and fundamentally denied its citizens their human rights, and just keep passing legislation to make legal their actions. I only wish that Australia had a bill of rights!

  7. From the first day I've believed Democrat leaders used lock downs to bring down the Trump economy. No luck with Russia, impeachment, racism or any other plan to bring him down, now they point to him as the direct cause of Covid-19.

  8. To be honest not believing in the World Health Organization should be a possibility because they have lied in the past or at least been wrong on a mask and whether or not if Covid-19 will be deadly or not.

  9. US no longer participates with WHO. And the CDC is no longer in control of COVID information b/c of corruption. Trump is pulling troops out of the middle east wars for oil. After Trump is re-elected, we will be getting out of the useless UN. Likely the next four years will bring changes to the NYSE, congress' ownership in the stock market & addressing of the drug epidemic in America. He's about to bring these pharma companies to their knees. All these things are destroying America from within. Even fake news is starting to go turn coat against the dem's b/c they know it's their only hope for survival. By June 2021, fake news will be pro-Trump or gone. You thought the last four years were economically good, wait until you see what the next four years brings with Trump's plans to invest in black neighborhoods & not hemhorraging money into China. We're in for a financial explosion!

  10. So what you are saying is that we could wait two years, then anyone can take over Australia… then again who would want Australia. The animals in Australia scary af, they got poisonous rocks.

  11. Do you think WHO is now changing its notes bc Australia won’t let the Chinese in and they want in? Wasn’t that an issue at the beginning of all of this??. We all know The Who is in the Chinese pocket.

  12. Melbourne, Australia here – save us, please. We surrendered our guns when I was a child. People say they’re fleeing the US now…I’d do anything to have even a fighting chance left, please. Don’t take it for granted. God bless you.

  13. Cases in my county and the surrounding ones had around 300 cases last week and it's down in the 200s this week but dipshits in Louisville are still sick I guess so the whole state must be shut down. We've been locked down the same way since it began and it didn't stop covid from entering the hills. The Dems make a problem then blame Trump. I knew the lockdowns would be worse than the virus. We need to organize and resist the radicals or we are done for,each man digging in and defending his own won't get us the nation back.

  14. Most of Australia isn't so bad. Many states are operating with minimum restrictions, due to low rates. Victoria had a large spike and went through lockdowns, but getting back on track as rates are low again. Issue is some states (mostly Queensland) not wanting to open their borders, whilst many other states are still open for travel. There is also talks with opening travel between here and New Zealand by the end of the year. The Daily Mail piece seems to come across as sensationalising the issues here.

  15. We got conned by rich narcissistic politicians and "journalists." They loved the attention and the authority that came along with corona.

    The sooner we all admit that we got conned, the sooner we can all move on. It's gonna hurt some people's pride to admit they were wrong, but that's what needs to happen.