Democrats Face RECKONING Over Unconstitutional Lockdowns, 400k People Sign Petition Against Whitmer

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  1. "The people who deserve power are the ones who don't want it, and would freely give it up at a moment's notice."
    This is me in a nutshell and I've done it many times when power is forced upon me.
    I do my work, and I leave when it's due.

  2. i understand the need for measures and stuff during a virus outbreak, but the overreach some of these governors did was terrible. I will agree with the measures of social distancing and stuff, or businesses wanting people to wear masks and all that, but many of the lockdown things went too far

  3. What did it in the judgement was the fact that people couldn't form groups unless protesting, and saying this store selling X can't be open but that store also selling X can be.

  4. Any gov employee ruled to have taken unconstituional action be it an order or enforcement of that order, than all gov employees involved should be criminally charged or just convicted since the unconstitutional ruling should make the charge/trial process redundant.

    Citizens get told ignorance is no excuse and as long as that is true it should also be applied to gov empoyees.