Democrats Falsely Claim Border Patrol WHIPPING Migrants As Haitian Crisis ERUPTS Into Tent City

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  1. You had 15,000 immigrants under a bridge in 105• temps, fire ants & other desert bugs & snakes, wild animals. These people are using plastic bags for toilets, wallowing in their own filth and Dems had no problem w/ it they didn’t bat an no big AOC photo shoot. The minute they see a pic they create a narrative especially their favorite kind a narrative that not only divides our country but they got a two for one from this latest lie. Racist border patrol whipping black people according to Maxine it’s worse than slavery 200 years ago plus the bonus lie law enforcement are bad & we must defund the police!! These brave men & women have been working in these terrible conditions since Biden & his America hating administration started but let’s not work w/ facts when this administration prefers lies, they just lie even w/ video proof they lie!! After they make a mess of things getting our soldiers & 10 innocent people killed, Joe Biden won’t answer a single question!! Saddest part no one will ever be held accountable!! If this insanity doesn’t get stopped soon America will be destroyed!!

  2. Thank goodness we don’t have mean tweets. I love this systemic failing economy, skyrocketing crime and illegal immigration, , rapidly increasing inflation, and loss of freedoms. – Biden voters

  3. If this story was true then they would use the image of them with whip not an image of the reins randomly flailing in the air. Even claimed they was running the immigrants down with the horses I'm like no looks to me like the people are being herded.

  4. Although i also enjoy your podcast I've noticed these videos are becoming more akin to the podcast. One of the big reasons I got onto these is they were around 10 min with very little fat. Today I find myself skipping through fat to the point of over half some times. I'd like to see these remain more exclusively news than opinions on it so the option remains between podcast style and news reports.

  5. They don’t have a right to come here from freaking Haiti. if they want “claim asylum,” International law says they must stop in the first safe country — which would be Mexico 🇲🇽

  6. You know what I saw as a LEGAL Immigrant watching the video? a whole bunch of people that think they are entitled to enter this country I love. They clearly have no regard for our borders, laws or our law enforcement people. They WERE NOT whipped!!! Any other country and they could have been shot doing that crap!!!
    I immigrated LEGALLY, I don't expect anything other than pay taxes and to contribute and not depend on the Government to support me.

  7. Public servants making false Smollett style accusations should come with a heavy political and/or civil sanctions for the professionally licensed in my opinion. Some professionals take a oath of the highest order of integrity. Race-baiting and staged false Race based accusations could be damaging when fraudulent and its divisively destroying our country from within. At a time of a nation wide foreign origin biologic viral pandemic and the a border crisis we must unify or we will seize to exist as a nation of democracy and hope for global eco-systems.

  8. that last image comes from a video you can plainly see him twirl the rein (in a menacing way i guess) but never comes close to striking the illegal border crosser

  9. I guess people think everyone rides horses with closed reins, that's a single, looped rein that attaches to both sides of the bridle. These agents are riding Western style with split or open reins, that is two separate reins that can be quite long and hang off to the side of the horse, I've seen some so long I thought the horse may accidentally step on them. I'm just seeing reins flying around but I mean, I guess you could whip someone with a rein, people whip their own horses with them. I thought it possible they were using them as whips, but they definitely don't have whips, it's just reins.

  10. No joke, 1.5 hour ad (1 of 2) mid video! Everything of yours I have tried to watch the last 2 days has really unusually long ads midway. Not sure if they want me to skip so you don't get paid or if they are hoping to distract me or annoy me out of watching media from independent media. This change is new after an update.

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