Democrats Fear Historical 2020 DEFEAT, Trump Could Win 520 Electoral Votes In MASSIVE Landslide

Democrats Fear Historical 2020 DEFEAT, Trump Could Win 520 Electoral Votes In MASSIVE Landslide. Democratic congressman Tim Ryan warned recently that if the Democrats nominate Bernie Sanders they will lose 48 states in a repeat of the 1972 Richard Nixon reelection.

Back then Democrats thought the only way to win was with a progressive coalition of college educated voters, young people, and minorities.

This strategy backfired so bad that it has gone down in history as one of the worst political failures of the United States. George McGovern lost after winning only one state. Richard Nixon won with 520 electoral votes.

Today the Democrats are being mobbed by far left ideology and a Democratic Socialist. Democrats and Republicans alike are ringing the alarm bells warning of a repeat of 1972.

With a record economy, failed impeachment, Trump’s record approval it stands to reason that we are about to witness history. While many older Democrats are already aware of what happened and what it will bring, younger activist voters never learned those lessons and are walking Democrats off a cliff. Never Bernie moderates may actually defect from the democratic party and join Trump giving him a massive landslide in November.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. I think they'll pick Bloomberg and loose to Trump with over 300 electoral votes more or less along the lines that Clinton lost.. even if dnc picks Bernie I think they would get the west pacific states, id be shocked if it was a total shutout.

  2. As a conservative this makes me so happy if it becomes true because I hate all socailists.

    You can believe what ever you want to believe not my place to stop you but haven a socailist in power all freedom of choice is out the window

  3. Not only vote red spend your money red… stop using Google fake book apple and do your research before spending find out who Amazon supports then boycott those like Amazon that are anti-American anti-feedom……. and no killary could never win anything ever the world knows she is the creature from the swamp the wicked witch from hell

  4. Bull shit. They are trying to keep Trump voters home. Everyone still needs to vote.
    I’m sure they are nervous of everyone leaving. #WalkAway. I will never vote Democrat again. Racist fucks. Attacking black Trump voters.
    “Vote how we say and like it. You have no choice. If you don’t do what we say. Your an Uncle Tom.”
    If I was a PoC l would want to vote the opposite just to prove they didn’t control me.

  5. I was entering Jr. High in 1968. I have no recollection of election night, 1968. But I do remember watching the Democrat convention that summer and thought, "are you kidding me?". Fast forward to 1984. I remember that one vividly and the result didn't surprise me a bit. (I remember more about 1980 election night than 1984, but that's another story.) In 1984 I was in my late-20's, and career was really forming. 1984 economy was rockin! And you could see it. I remember the "Morning in America" TV spot, and it was devastating because the last half of the 1970's (Ford & Carter years) were not far enough "in the rear view mirror" for voters to have forgotten. Just the difference – in everyone's outlook – was so different from just a few years earlier. Mondale had no chance going into the fall of 1984. But then Mondale sealed his fate in a debate. He said, "I will raise your taxes. I'm just telling you."

  6. I don't really think we are about to repeat 1972. I would like that. But it won't happen because we don't live in that world anymore. Just because (today) I have BTO (Bachman Turner Overdrive) and ELO on my phone playlist, does not mean I think we live in the '70's. If any "like" scenario is better, it would be 1984, not 1972 anyway. (see other post below) But we don't live in 1984 either. I think a Bernie candidacy will result in Trump's re-election, but not the "48 state landslide" type discussed here. But I am certainly NOT taking anything for granted.

  7. Problem with "Popular Vote" is that about 4 cities would make the decision for everyone else in the country. New York. Las Angeles, Houston or Dallas. Everyone else can just suck ass. That's 'Popular Vote". Live in Des Moines? Bear Creek Pa? Little Rock? Yeah, you don't matter in Popular Vote.

  8. Need to Correct something for you. It is not "College Educated" it is "College Indoctrinated". BTW, if these so-called Socialists win? They are going to have to figure out how to unclog their own toilets and change their own Motor Oil because us "Working Class" Morons are not needed so go Frell yourselves.

  9. Question: What if 48 states is baked in the cake no matter what?

    Further question: What if the outcome is NOT Republican vs remade Democratic Party, but Republican vs Libertarian?

  10. It's as clear as day if you really look closely at the situation. The DNC hopefuls are struggling to fill up convention centers during their rallies, while Trump rallies have thousands of people unable to get into STADIUMS because of the number of people showing up. It doesn't matter who gets the DNC nomination, Trump is going to be reelected in a landslide victory regardless.

  11. Sanders would have had much better chance if he kept his stance from 2016 and focus more on how he could do better on certain key issues. No way I’d support current Democratic Party with socialist agenda and far leftist views. Individual liberty is far important to me.

  12. At this point Democrats may just want to take the L and have Sanders as the nominee.
    What happens if Biden is the nominee? You have a guy with dementia lose the general election. In 4 years time the arguments: "Sanders could have won" "the establishment is oppressing left wing candidates" "We need a far left take over of the party" will still be present.
    What happens if Sanders is the nominee? You have a socialist lose in a landslide. In 4 years time any argument about going further left will be shot down in flames and that political movement will be dead for another 40 years.

    I would go as far as to say: 2020 is already decided and democrats should not be trying to win. They should be trying to unify the party, effectively eliminate the far left, and start looking for good candidates for 2024.

  13. Doesn't matter who they choose!! PRESIDENT Trump is going to smack them around and hand them an embarrassing beat down. Delivered by the sane americans in our country! Trump 2020 Landslide!

  14. what's it say for the democratic party when their best candidate is an 77 year old pedophile who's losing his metal abilities to Alzheimer's and is currently under criminal investigation for corruption…. Wow! somebody please pin his name and address on his jacket in case he wanders off.