Democrats Hate The LEFT So Much They Are Campaigning For Far Right Candidates In Detroit

Briahna Joy Gray and Robby Soave criticize Democrats’ campaigning for Detroit far-right candidates.

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  1. Just so you know, you really lost a highly intelligent and fact seeking journalist… you are going to legacy media with your ‘woke’ – do not question the Biden admin! I will not be watching you anymore.:-( you’ve gone way down hill since Saagar and Krystal!

  2. Just found out Kim left the hill. What a shame, her and Robbie made the show worth watching.
    Well, bye hill. Robbie alone isnt worth it.

  3. I get it now. They’re endorsing the hard right guy to get weary Dems and independents with TDS to come vote instead of staying home content with a milk toast Republican. What are Biden’s poll numbers again?

  4. It does not matter what they try there out of there they have done nothing but go after trump instead of the job we sent them there for vote them out in november.

  5. The Corporate Democrats also are running ads against Tudor Dixon for being insufficiently pro-police. It's basically the same logic. They are trying to help literal 1/6 rioter Ryan Kelley to win the Republican Gubernatorial nomination in Michigan. I'm sure that couldn't backfire.

  6. The political right has come to understand that Wokeism is a cancer of the body politic. Radical egalitarianism has resulted in excessive self indulgence at the expense of the common good. While a shared sense of victomhood (ala Intersectionality) was deemed to be the common ground upon which politically and culturally marginalized individuals could unite and form a consensus, the philosophical roots of Wokeism (aka neoMarxism) speak to a long standing campaign of revisionism, disinformation, misdirection, and subversion. The radical illiberal left have adopted a strategy of heralding excessive self indulgence as a virtue with the intention of encouraging choices that, if fully realized, will incrementally and systematically undermine the moral fabric of the nation. Thus, the act of superficially embracing the trappings of Wokeism was a no-brainer for corporate democrats because they have long embraced a strategy of appealing to the lowest common denominator at the very expense of first principles and the common good derived from them. If you want to truly understand why feticide is defined as a "right" by the political left, then you have to understand what is meant by the term "choice" as defined by the progenitors of radical egalitarianism. Unfettered self indulgence (aka hedonism) invariably results in unbridled decadence, decay, and nihilism. it is Arather telling that a statement from a former CIA director, William Casey, perfectly aligns with the hidden aims of the radical illiberal left: “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” Is it any wonder then that the progenitors of Woke ideology rejected the notion that there is such a thing as "objective reality" and that language has no intrinsic meaning as a result?

  7. they do this all the time. It fails almost as often as it succeeds. The biggest problem, bigger than the betrayal of their own platform, is that it exacerbates the division in this nation, by further "radicalizing" the GOP

  8. I used to really hate Trump, but once he was elected, the Democrats went to completely insane, and I mean completely divorced from reality, that they started making him look good. I still don't think I could vote for him, but I sure don't want somebody nominated by these badly delusional people, like Senator Credit Card. Senator Credit Card is not President Credit Card. Anybody wonder why so many people still have student loans hanging over their heads, 30, 40, even 50 years after they left school?

  9. The same thing just happened here in Maryland. The DGA ads “against” Republican state delegate Dan Cox looked almost exactly the same as the one they just showed for the West Michigan guy. The Trump supported candidate beat the Gov. Hogan supported candidate in the primary last week. I don’t think either of them had/has a chance in the general against Wes Moore anyway, but we’ll see.

  10. I wonder if they have tried throwing Biden under the bus and promoting Bernie sanders, or something like that. Still Democrats are in a hard place in the presdental election if it comes back down to Trump and Biden again.

  11. Thank you Brian and Robby for reminding your viewers that Trump would not have been elected President without 'help' from the Democrats in power at that time.

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