Democrats Have BETRAYED The People Ignoring Lockdown In Support Of Protests, Exposing The Hypocrisy

Democrats Have BETRAYED The People Ignoring Lockdown In Support Of Protests, Exposing The Hypocrisy. Democratic leaders across the country spoke out in defense of the protests while ignoring the lockdown.

In NJ The governor insulted small business owners calling them “knuckleheads” while then allowing mass protests in various cities.

The american people can see the double standard and its palpable.

The hypocrisy in support of these protests is made only worse by a now viral photo of nurses praises the protests while only a month ago they shunned and shamed small business owners and the media cheered them on.


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. And I also think the did Democrats and the left have done far more damage to their re-election campaign by saying nothing by doing nothing or by actually funding these people getting out of jail I don't think the silent majority in this country will be silent this election cycle I myself am a person who set on the fence a couple of times because I was completely and utterly disgusted with modern politics I will say it in the fall I will be voting I will be voting Republican because at least the Republicans have said and condemned the actions of the people of black lives matter and antifa in our president has declared antifa a terrorist organization so if the modern left b**** wines and screams and hollers loot a lost and that they're going to go for Round 2 or round 3 of impeachment trials because they can't stand a Republican president and they can't stand the fact that they lost the house and the Senate they have no one else but themselves to blame and they have no one else but their front runner Joe Biden to blame for them losing the election remember what he told that black YouTuber he said quote if you don't vote Democrat yo vote DEMOCRATE you are are not black

  2. Last week, there was a protest in the Hague, Netherlands, against the partial lockdown that has now destroyed much of the SME's. It was broken up with brute force by the police and even people were anywhere near the area and who happen to come out of the nearby train station (you can use public transport here if you have a mask) were roughed up severely, arrested and fined for hundreds of euro's (with their names added to the national criminal registry which means a reduced chance for any future employment). A couple of days later, one of the ruling parties created an anti-racism march in Amsterdam – thousands marched and the police was nowhere to be seen. This is either a fake pandemic or the lockdown is just used to control the population.

  3. Democrats: Just existing in public or operating a business constitutes a public menace and should be considered a threat to public health
    Also Democrats: burning down buildings is great and everything american

  4. Bill de Blasio: protesting 400 years of racism is a good excuse for gathering.

    Also Bill de Blasio: 1,000s of years of oppression against Orthodox Jews is no excise for them to gather.

  5. Tik Tok nurses aren't heros, nurses kneeling and praising rioters looters and communists are minions of villains. Photo op after photo op of "nurses" (some are paid actors) protesting the opening of the world, but praising communist activists for destroying the world. ALL SCRIPTED, YOU ARE WATCHING A MOVIE. WAQE UP ALREADY

  6. This is too funny, these politicians, whose community budgets depend on tax revenue are systematically dismantling their source of revenue. So what comes next, an increase in municipal fees. Which means poor people have to pay more for everything. This in and of itself has been deemed racist. So the democrats are racist.

  7. "They are doing this for re-election", yeah like letting your cities burn to the ground and ruining people's lives will get you back into that cozy seat of power you're in right now. I'd totally want to vote the people who ruined my (hypothetical) business and possibly let riotrs burn it to the ground. You might as well throw you chances of re-election into that industrial shredder as the same people won't be voting for you after shit like this.

  8. Is frightens me because it shows you how stupid people really are I can't believe it coronavirus 19 is killing so many and yet they taking a knee for the protesters when they know when they go home they are going to kill members of the family the shopkeeper livelihood smash into pieces take away their livelihood and they're taking a knee disgust in

  9. Now you know that the demonic force behind the protesters
    are the people who started the mayhem and BLM.The democrats in congress are eerily quiet not shouting impeachment but their back up in the shadows are providing huge sums of money to support rioting and looting.But you know who are the big losers ?Those thrown in jail. These drug takers could have been promised that if they are caught the demonic judges will let them off.

  10. I can explain it for you Tim. Protests are protected by the first amendment, and it just so happens during a pandemic another black man was murdered by a cop, probably because he has a tiny penis and he thought George's was bigger. Who knows maybe George he knew his wife, who divorced him shortly after this. Regardless of his tiny penis, many Americans thought that video was pretty messed up, so they should protest about it. There is no law forcing anyone to stay inside, at least not in NY, so what they are doing isn't illegal. I know, some peoples stuff got ruined at that really stinks, but things can be replaced. What can't be replaced is our first amendment right, and I know that no patriot would ever want to infringe on our rights of free speech… right? I've heard a lot of people on the internet, the only unbiased form of media in the universe mind you, believing free speech is a problem these days. "I may not like what you say, but Ill defend your right to say it" – Every hypocrite ever. I love watching you fools on the web crank everything up to 11 and see your viewers all simultaneously explode in their pants.

  11. Capitalism by the way is designed for weak businesses to fail so others can take their place. These businesses will die, and new ones will come along. I don't know about you, but my local pizza hut shut down and I say, about damn time. Lets get the real money makers in here, PLANNED PARENTHOOD!