Democrats INFILTRATED By Chinese Spies, Video Shows Chinese Professor BRAGGING Biden Is Compromised

Democrats INFILTRATED By Chinese Spies, Video Shows Chinese Professor BRAGGING Biden Is Compromised. New Report details how a Chinese spy infiltrated top Democrats.

In a viral video a Chinese professor brags about how for decades they have “old friends” at the highest levels of US Government, Finance, and Politics and how they used that to influence the US into favorable positions for China. The professor laments that since Trump has been elected they are unable to “fix” things.

He goes on to say that now that Biden was elected they will regain control of the core circle of power in the US and that Joe Biden’s son was made wealthy insinuating it was them.

Trump is fighting tooth and nail to stay in the presidency and now it seems that major conflict is brewing one way or another.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. and Trump has made it clear that he will help people who have fallen into the trap but some people don't want help and they will be held accountable

  2. I don't wannabe that guy who said "I've been telling people so. But I told people so.

    China has been subverting the west since Occupy. Encouraging Socialists, and the Chinese have been influencing the establishment themselves.

  3. Great surface level reporting. And “there was no way to know”? Really?? I mean it should be common sense to not get close to Russian and Chinese nationals. Another garbage segment that lacks the depth needed to both understand the underlying problems and impacts on the US. NewsMax did a better job of covering this story ??‍♂️

  4. i live in New Jersey and wish i could do something about all this bullshit. just reading and talking about it online isn’t gonna change anything.

  5. At what point can we effectively call this treason, arrest the Bidens, along with the top Dems, imprison and/or execute them? This is getting stupid. If Biden is sworn in, the U.S. will likely face 2 wars in the coming years; the split, and whatever remains to deal with China. Treason is ANY act that goes against your nation's interest. The Bidens have committed this act. The Democrats have committed this act, and some "Republicans" have committed this act. We should have a few undertakers taking bids by now… It was a good run, but I think this country is doomed. Even big-tech is in on the take, we KNOW this based on how they handle ACTUAL news and REAL facts.

  6. Of course Republicans were in on it too! Don't be naive. The only reason people like McConnell are appearing to back Trump is because he knows his sorry ass will be primaried if he doesn't. Look at who McConnell is married to! They all have been selling us out since the 90's. Don't let the Republicans gas light us either. Most of them only have a problem with it because it is politically expedient to have a problem with it.