Democrats INSANE Vaccine Mandate Is Here And WORSE Than We Thought, Ben Shapiro ALREADY Filed Suit

Democrat’s National Vaccine Mandate Is Here, May Hit ALL COMPANIES, Ben Shapiro Announces He’s Suing. Many have noted that Joe Biden waited until after the elections in Virginia in order to announce the new rules as they are seen as widely unpopular.

Democrats know that this will result in a major collapse in support and will push many people towards the Republican party and a potential Ron DeSantis or Trump 2024 presidential run.

2022 is looking like it will be a major red wave with the GOP reclaiming the house and Senate.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. You are so right mandates shouldn't be happening at all. This is why we now have a tyrannical government. They have slowly usurped power from the people. They no longer represent us because they do not work for us. They have taken office to enrich themselves. They never make laws that benefit the people anymore. To them we are their enemy because the people are the last thing that threatens the power they've been given.We are still free on paper and court is where we all should take action now while we still can.

  2. This is war, and nobody is seeing it. can't defeat usurpers with politics. You cannot vote out a tyrant. Civil disobedience is the ONLY move to make right now. But do know, that when civil disobedience is not tolerated, uncivil disobedience will be the only reaction left. Call their bluff, get the fine, and don't pay it. Every one of you that fold and follow tyrannical orders is simply passing their share of the burden onto the ones that did not fold. Do you think "I have bills to pay" will be an adequate excuse before god? Was the threat of taking away your little slice of measly, lower middle class wealth enough for you to forsake your fellow man, and the future of your country?

  3. I went to a fight with a former employee about getting a physical. The only thing they could know is if I had it or not. But the results where none of their business according to federal law. So could someone tell me how this vaccine mandate is really going to work when it's illegal for the employer to know any medical condition you have?

  4. You mean the vaccine trump ordered and told his followers to take? trump is responsible for the vaccine and any hidden stuff in it. Seems he forgot to put anything in to control people who are intelligent enough to know that the vaccine is going to shorten the pandemic and antivaxxers are trying to prolong the pandemic.

  5. Joe Biden will NOT be removed from office. Not even after 2022. I see the Republicans gaining five seats in the Senate and in the very best case scenario, seven though all of this assumes that the people of GA, NH, AZ, NV, CO, OR, and WA did exactly what the people of VA did—occupying the polling stations snd being present till the very end of the count. Even if that happens that's still only 57 seat majority and if Sinema and Manchin join in, that brings the total to 59. That's well short of the 67 needed to remove a sitting president from office. So I'm sorry but we're stuck with Biden-Harris until 2024

  6. I kinda hate Shapiro, but I can agree with him on this one. Thats it, i hate his views on lgbt people and i disagree with his christianity, sexist, man pig views too. But ill give him this one, he right bout this one.

  7. What a coincidence about the same time European countries are pushing through legislation to oust the unvaccinated from public life.
    People need to see the bigger picture.
    This is all happening through the entire western world.

  8. You are either helping stop the spread of COVID, or you are helping spread it. Remember, when you are on a ventilator, it's too late to get vaccinated. Don't let your ignorance kill your family.

  9. They can try but they aren't going to make me do it and if they fire me I'm suing and if that doesn't work I'm full on revolting against this administration. I will personally bring hell straight to their doorsteps.

  10. Mr. Biden is worse than Trump. He's most ìnsulting through his talking down to people of color. He leaves all members of his messages with idea that all are
    too stupid to understand. I no longer pay him any attention. Infact I have closed my business and am leaving his socialist tyranic atmosphere. I have read that I am not the only. There are 45 million Americans who left if nort leaving now. After the hard working business folks have who will KING BIDEÑ HAVE TO ORDER AROUND…LOLOLOLOL DUMMY.

  11. Sad part is, at the end of the day, very few of these politicians, bureaucrats, and companies responsible for this travesty will be held responsible.
    People will still vote for the people that stole their freedom.
    People will still listen to those proven incompetent.
    People will still support those who ruined their livelihood.

    I'm blessed to work in a field that routinely gets fucked over by all three and most business owners have fighting against them down to an art form to get their way. The old timers in my field have learned they don't have to comply because it's not worth those people's time.

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