Democrats Introduce Bill To Require Covid Passports For Domestic Travel

Tim, Ian, and Lydia join chairman of the Free State Project Jeremy Kauffman to discuss the Democrats’ new bill to require vaccine passports for domestic travel,

Guest: Jeremy Kauffman
@FreeStateProjectNH (YouTube, Twitter)
@JeremyKauffman (Twitter)

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Written by Timcast IRL


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  1. My husband and I together barely weigh 300 (he's about 150 and I'm 120) but 2 people who weigh 300 means that just those two, more than double two other people's combined weight (600 pound compared to 270 ish). That's some crazy math for ya'.

  2. The only reason I can think of to justify Ian being there is to make TIm look smart and correct. He is literally like Crigler if you gave him a lobotomy.

  3. This guest might be one of the most hypocritical and hyperbolic morons to ever appropriate the libertarian moniker. The party of liberty is on the slow death because of hustlers like this guy who the party refuses to come together and cast out.

  4. I had the first jab begrudgingly since family wouldn't shut up about guilting me over it (even initially booked it without checking with me), just before the 2nd was due I got covid and after a week or so of mild hayfever like symptoms I was fine, statistically speaking my immunity should be far better than that second jab would give me and yet my family are still pushing me to get my second one, they don't trust the science at all, they trust "the science" the media spouts out.

  5. How do people STILL think this about covid ??And just like that we are heading back to the show me your papers part of history…cuz that turned out well the first time

  6. After watching part 4 of the Veritas vids I’ve come to the conclusion that the Dems are bought and paid for by these pharma companies- they don’t even hide it anymore.

  7. I'd get China's Sinovax vaccine in a heartbeat but not the ones available in the West….the sinovax vaccine is a classic vaccine in the sense that it has actual covid in it…so the chinese are treating it like the flu and flu shots….which begs the question why? Why are they giving their citizens the safe vaccine and acknowledging herd immunity and why is the west getting an experimental drug cocktail mandated upon them w guns to their heads

  8. I have spent this month traveling around the country (currently in Idaho contemplating Tim's move here). I thought this might be my last chance to make this trip, not only due to restrictions, but talk of taxing every mile driven. Thousands of miles of Americans … I don't understand how a few powerful can be so in control.

  9. Like he said at 6:20 , "exploiting a crisis". None of this is coincidental. Our economy (which is regardless, flawed in many ways) and productivity has been run into the ground, our social structure has been eliminated in most states in the country and half the country is fighting because people don't understand that nobody has the right to force you to do anything, whether it be medical or not. We are free SOULS, not remote controllable flesh! This is absolutely outrageous.

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