Democrats Losing Young Voters As The DNC Keeps Old Politicians

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Written by Hard Lens Media


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  1. They do know what’s going on. They’re only serving their corporate donors. They don’t give a shit about regular people in fact, the biding they do for their corporate donors, screws normal people big time

  2. Biden is Obama’s Trojan Horse, chartered to provide cover and protection for Obama’s legacy and ego! “Nothing will fundamentally change!” “I have no empathy!” Manipulated into the White House by Obama and Clyburn! Biden has no intention of honoring his campaign promises, or providing anything substantive or positive for the American people! Biden is the contemporary version of Herbert Hoover, another incompetent, frightened, ineffectual, do-nothing President! The cavalry will never come to same anyone!

  3. As a boomer in my 70’s- I want all of these corrupt, amoral, sociopathic, out-of-touch, arrogant, money grubbed, incompetent people to quietly retire and leave the governance of America in the hands of those who will fearlessly pursue positive change that neglects no-one! The must act with a powerful sense of urgency! Everyone’s life is short, and should not have to wait forever! Let’s get on with it!

  4. Unfortunately, People are brainwashed in voting Team Blue because they are conditioned to vote for them to avoid voting for Trump because he is mean, rather than voting for policies. The Democrats have done nothing and have failed in their campaign promises-they will tell you that voting for them is the better choice. This is why there is a good chance of Trump winning in 2024.

  5. If you take away all the leftist promises that the Democrats will not deliver on, they're farther to the right than the Republicans. I surprised that anyone left of Ben Shapiro stayed with the Democrats after the bait and switch with the healthcare act. The Democrats are propped up by the Bourgeoisie, the educated class of people that keep the poor in line for the rich. I finally understand why in early 1960's media, the radicals said "Bogie" with the utmost disdain. It's funny how the 60's radicals grew up to become everything they hated.

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