Democrats New Smear BACKFIRES, Biden Accidentally Goes “Full MAGA” Supporting Trump’s China Position

Democrats New Smear BACKFIRES, Biden Accidentally Goes “Full MAGA” Supporting Trump’s China Position. In the latest ad from Democrats they claim that Trump is too soft on China and that his travel ban doesn’t go far enough.

The ad tries to claim Biden is tough on China when in fact he and other Democrats criticized Trump’s actions for years.

The only conclusion is that Joe Biden thinks he and the Democrats can beat Trump and the Republicans by “out trumping Trump”

There is no way a sane person would think this would work. if anything the ad is pro Trump and demands he go further than he already did.


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. I just now got a notification about this video… 3days late. Just wanted to let you know in case you were interested in tracking your audience notification times.

  2. You seriously underestimate the stupidity of the American people. If we don't have a civilization ending war with China before the November election, Biden probably will win. All they need to do is put a black WOman on the ticket and they will win.

  3. Biden said he would've kept all travel from China going during a Pandemic. ALL!
    And he said he would've kept all travel from Europe going.

    We now know that things would've been worse under an Obama administration; just like they left the borders open to ISIS in 2014 to 2016. the world was on fire.

  4. Joe Biden & Nancy Pelosi supported NAFTA & gave China additional privileges & out sourced American jobs & industry then also brought in foreigners to take away the remaining quality jobs from USA citizens!

  5. Current covid-19 hot spot, a pork processing plant in South Dakota is Chinese-owned. As Gomer Pyle would say, "surprise, surprise, surprise!" We should not be outsourcing important industries to China, ESPECIALLY food and chemical supplies

  6. Come on, Biden has always been tougher than Trump on China!
    He’s always demanded TOP dollar for US secrets and corrupt deals. He doesn’t sell out the USA for cheap! He’s tough…No, I want a billion more before I sell out America. Trump just doesn’t have it in him to sell out America.

  7. Not that Trump's deal is particularly tough, but you can only make deals that other people are willing to make.

    If you go too far trying to destroy them, they will also start focusing on destroying you.

    And China is certainly capable of mutually assured destruction with the US, in an economic game.

    Only the weak can be crushed underfoot, and in a pure buying power sense (as opposed to dollars that the US has all kinds of advantages on), China's economy is larger than the US.

    (Plus, China saw the US sabotage Japan's rise and they recognized that kind of play directed at them)

    It's dumb to be strongly anti-China. China is guaranteed to be a huge world power 30 years from now. It's not sensible to cultivate needless enmities where people might end up wanting to harm you just for the sake of wanting to harm you.

    Countries have to focus on self interest, but that's not an emotional or personal thing… Business always requires working with other people.

  8. Yeah, YT suggest me your video – 8 days after you went public with the upload…. but here in Europe MSM is still running wild with the Trump China collusion story according to my google news fed.

  9. Trumps been sounding the alarm about China for more then 10 years. There's interviews of him from the 80's where he warns about China.

  10. Politicians are fake, and often evil, also usually mean people. They can't lie anymore… the internet is a human right and with it we see all their lies, so their corrupt system is slowly collapsing 1 brick at a time. That's ultimately what is going on here, or should be happening, if we want a great world, we will keep our ears open to hear the truth.

  11. Honestly I dont think anyones actively calling for asian americans to be assualted. They're just calling out the ccp gov of china.

    But i think real racist people are using this as a guise to attack asian americans and politicians putting that idea out there is going to lead to fake attacks or staged attacks for political agendas which is just plain wrong and evil. We should be wise enough to know right and wrong.

  12. you said multiple times that trump has been anti-china for a decade you are not giving full credit. he appered on oprah in 1986 where he first brought up we are being ripped off in our trade deals by china. thats over 3 decades he has been sounding the alarm on china. just an fyi. Great reportin, so refreshing to get truthful news. thAnk you

  13. The Democrats genuinely think they can Daffy Duck him into office, further proving they still don't understand why Trump won to begin with.

  14. Sometimes I think the left is in on a conspiracy to get trump elected and stay in power because they blatantly act and say the most ridiculous stupid things and lie so obviously that anyone with a working brain would detest liberals.

  15. That's funny after hearing liberal ads saying Trump didn't want to hurt China feelings that he won't stand up to china. Reality…Trump is the only one that has stood up to china and if everyone that can remember what biden said "Chinas good folk folks" remember Biden saying that?

  16. What no one talks about is that if Biden were to be elected, China would blackmail him by threatening full disclosure of Hunter's activities and what that 1.5 billion dollars bought.