Democrats Now Claiming McConnell Won Due To FRAUD, Clear Double Standard But We SHOULD Demand Audit

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  1. I’m not going to lie; I was watching Fox News on election night and I saw that McConnell was the projected winner early on in the night and it was by a really wide margin. I thought that was strange because I know a lot of anti establishment Republicans who are not fans of McConnell. Maybe Kentucky loves him but I thought it was strange

  2. Elon Musk is MOVING OUT of Democrat Owned California because insane Democrat Health officials refused to allow him to reopen.. Telsa was the last car Manufacturing co. in California ..

    California is part of China now, so Musk will be technically “bringing back jobs to America”.

  3. We of the Republican cassus will trade Mitch for Biden. He said he wanted run for Senate, we will let him have Mitch's seat. Trump gets stay President then.

  4. I’m glad they’re going after Republicans this way with the double standard. Maybe they’ll wake up when it’s their asses on the line. They deserve it for betraying the people.

  5. This is probably why he’s trying to move along and not talk about the fraud. But honestly fvck the democrats. They don’t want to bother looking into our claims, why the hell would we look into theirs?

  6. Lol makes sense why Mitch McConnell has been telling Republicans to stop backing President Trump. The corrupt swamp monster made a deal with Dems to ensure his re-election on the promise he throws Trump under the bus.

  7. McConnell is part of the deep state so not really surprised ,,,,,, Just Do the Whole Election Over. I say call in the military to stand guard and everyone vote in person with ID. I really don't think this is as big a deal as all of these law suits and BS.

  8. Yes we need an audit,i oes not matter if it's democrat or republican.Matter of fact him getting help,is the only thing that make sense.. McConnell should have lost his ellecton,people hate him in Kentucky and across the US.Remember McConnell is a Rhino a member of the elite,the other have of the Dem elite. Two sides same coin,one side Dem elite the other the is the Rhino.

    Both sides have been in bed together,sense the early 1900's, They both ave the same out look,and that is we the people don't matter.Both sides are out for the same thing,and that is get as much they can from us.Then they slink off into the sun set,leaving us with nothing but the bills.While they go off and split the loot, between the two groups.

    I want MN audited,i have begged for it. But gotten no where,whenI have demanda it.I have been told it pretty much, takes a senator to get that done here.Write Trump and demand it,for each and every state.That shows oddities in the count,It dose not matter where it shows up on the chain. Wrong is wrong and we'll never, be able to clean out the government. They need to be done, up and down the chain. So we have a fair and clean election,one that can be trusted again.

    For us to just stand up for one,when we know what's happened.Dose not make any sense,and they'll come back again.If we don't doo it,we do not deserve what we had. Nor have we the right to ask for it,we are no better than they are then.We won't even have a right to complain,remember the old verse.Those that don't vote, don't have a right to complain.It's the same thing if you see a problem,it needs to be fixed. Don't do it ,you no better than them.

    I don't know about others,but when I meet my maker one day.I don't want to explain why,I didn't do anything. Unless it was against the other side,especially with the knowledge I could have done something to stop it. Or hear him say they didn't know any better,they didn't know right from wrong. But you did know what was going on, and you knew right from wrong .

    Wrong is wrong

  9. dems will never let that happened. No matter how bad it would or could be to an election. ANYTHING GOES!!!! they don't care. THEY JUST WANT TRUMP GONE NO MATTER WHAT.