Democrats Now Want To BAN HISTORY In Public Schools | I’m Done Keeping Quiet | An Important Message

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  1. Hollywood was always Red, and Joseph McCarthy was right. It was a mistake to get rid of our anti-communist laws in this country. Now, they're running our states, our local governments, our schools, our churches, and ultimately our federal government. There was a reason why those laws to put in place, for something just like this that could happen in the future, and now it's here. The KGB Sleeper Cells did their job, they succeeded. In a way, we lost. It'll take another 200-300 years to take back this country, if it's still here that is.

  2. Tristen unleashed. More please.

    They're going for it all. Never let a good crisis go to waste. I called it from the start with COVID. It was completely nonsensical to have the reaction we did to it. Stoking mask vs non mask, shutdown vs non shutdown division.

    The history being taught is bad enough as is. Now we get rid of it altogether? I think regular people think people like that sound stupid.

  3. What history? I learned that Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492 but they failed to mention the natives that he slaughtered and enslaved. Did you learn about the Oklahoma Massacre in school? Juneteenth? What about the FBI declaring MLK the most dangerous black man in America? And the concerted efforts to deport John Lennon because he was against the Vietnam War. I never learned any of that in school. I know the history that I learned was pretty whitewashed and sanitized and really didn't mention the disgraceful parts of our history, of which there are many. And as long as you're using the 1950's as exhibits to bolster the 'horrors' of communism, here's some quotes from a history textbook from that time: "The master often had a bbq or a picnic for his slaves. Then they had a great frolic. Some slaves were good workers and very obedient. Many took pride in what they did and loved their cabins and the plantation. Others were lazy and disobedient and sometimes vicious." This was taught into the 1970's.

  4. Tristan this video was great! I'm glad to see there are still people out there with enough sense to look at the whole picture of what's going on and not just what they are told to. It gives me hope that more and more people will wake up, see what's going on, and then fight to stop it.

  5. Yes!!! Well said 🙂 I could talk for hours about how the government has turned more communist, the indoctrination of children in schools and universities, the workplace etc… The democrats are mostly to blame but the Republicans are not innocent either.
    You are amazing! Keep the content coming

  6. Listening to that man speak was like having ice water poured into my spine. He is literally describing what is going on in our country today.

  7. I am a democrat and I LOVE history. I can't believe you think democrats vvant to ban history lessons in school. I can't believe you are putting this out there and you're doing it for vievvs. I have unsubscribed.

  8. Let's just erase history so when woke people become the neo nazi's no one will remember what a nazi means? Blm? has murdered so many people in the last 2 months then the amount of so called racist cops killing only black people. Criminals are now being protected as victims are shat on. Literally it's pure insanity and the media is hiding it or pushing woke propaganda. There are no more so called "peaceful protestors" and I swear someone had to gave summon Cthulu at this point. I understand you Tristen and this is ridiculous. All this black supremacy and woke liberal bs is basically a huge cult following now.

  9. When you get headlines like "(x amount of people) severely injured during peaceful protests" you know that the news media are no longer serving the people but a polical agenda. I'm sickened by today. I honestly fear for the future of my daughter and her peers. Her boyfriend especially since he's a straight pakeha(white) male. The damage to the psyche and self esteem of a whole generation that is being enacted cannot be overlooked further.

  10. I made it about 3 minutes in to your vid. If you think journalism is shot to hell, I hope you're including faux entertainment. Douche Limpboner, Clammy Hammy, Glenn beck, Alex frgn jones, Clyde lewis, George Noory, and thecrest of the propaganda heads. I've seen racism up close. I see plenty enough, and have lived long enough to fathom beyond 1+1. Blacks have always faced this hatred. They wiggle one increment out of line and they're beaten and arrested and have a record that will get waved in their faces permanently. It progressively erodes at their school lives to their work and family lives. Whites, on the other hand, are almost virtually free such a stigma. If I started having Black people over, you can bet that so-called law enforcement would be hanging around not far. I liked your take on the Johnny Depp AH trial, but, this video really caught me off guard. White supremacists/nationalists/nazis brag about skull crushing and murdering hays and lesbians, blacks. They murder and for the most part, get away with it ! . From racist harrassment to murder. As far as history goes, it is not complete. It doesn't sufficiently expose the truths regarding black history, in short. I will resume grudgingly, the rest of your video. But, so far, your stance is disappointing at the least.

  11. They are banning trump because he not only takes no responsibility for completely dropping the ball on dealing with covid-19 back in December when he found out it was imminent !!. His advice has led to the deaths of countless tens of thousands. He disassembled the pandemic panel two years ago. That panel was designed to isolate any life threatening outbreaks at their source. No, trump not only delayed any response, but, he called it a Democratic hoax. He then made sure to do nothing long enough for his rich buds to pull out of the stock market, then, he did something, but, not without a lot of needless debate. Now, he bch Deviant, the Christian fundamentalist DeVos are strong arming kids to go back to school or wse withhold fed money. They want states to default so they can have carte blanche to strip away SSI,MEDICARE. WE paid for that and it belongs to US. He'll funnel that money right into his own pockets. You could have a thousand clues staring you in the face, and, you would still miss the point.

  12. Thank you, darling, for speaking up. Whenerer I have said these things, I've been shut down and called as a racist because I say we are all equal and all life matters. Going after histori is rediculous, i love history. #blacklivesmatter is a racist movement and It should be shut down as fast as possible.

  13. Destroy history and we will be forever doomed to repeat it. This definitely is a knee deep game of divide & conquer and monopoly. Distracted and conned into fighting amongst ourselves as the elite greatly profits from it, such as warren buffet, jeff bezos, elon musk, bill gates etc. These bastards can only keep up with the psychological warfare for so long.

  14. They don’t need to abolish history in school, they need to UPDATE it. They keep using really old history books and because of that, stuff we were taught in school is not really what actually happened. I’m also from Hispanic descent, and I was taught NOTHING on my people. Only that we have natives, corn, pyramids, and found a way to tell time, then the Europeans took over. I thought we didn’t contribute anything in America, until I saw a Netflix special by John leguizamo and I actually learned that we helped in many wars and that Cuban woman sold their earrings to help support the war. Or that a woman(also Cuban I believe), dressed up as a man to fight in the civil war.

  15. Democrats don't want to suppress! This is Trumps way of manipulating the people. Oh my God! People wake up! This was not an issue until a certain president came into office. He covers his lies by making "fake news" seriously. Trump suggested we use hand sanitizer in our insides. We are in trouble! We are a country devided! It has never ever been this way. Obama was in office for eight years and we never had this problem. I'm not sure what your point of view is. . These purple who are playing victim because of history, and i believe if you went to the south, like lousinanna and your from Colorado, ft. Collins, we don't get it because we don't care what color you are! My first love was black, we moved to Texas small town. They would have burned Cross in our front yard (the white people). If we don't educate our common sense we are going to loose our constitution forever. Don't forget Hitler, one man caused so much brain washing and death. Dictatorship is what this government is striving for. Being over ridden by Republicans, not democrats.

  16. My internet was down for 3 days, so I've spent my Sunday catching up on news all day. It seems only fitting that I end my day finding out they're literally coming for history itself now. Fantastic.

  17. Hi Tristen, as I mentioned previously, I was worried they might do something like this, in connection with History. I`m also worried that the General public in the U.S., might be relying too much on the Election to straighten things out. Already things seem to be accelerating, I`ve heard today (but have not seen the videos yet), about rioters firing on Police officers.
    Also, invading an officers home & trying to kill him. I`m worried they are not going to wait to see what happens in November. They may plan to force a change before then, with the Democrats & their supporters not accepting the last result. Several Generals coming forward to support the Democrats, the Dems claim of using Armed forces to remove the President from Office, may not be waiting for the next result.

    I don`t know, if I mentioned it before but their are 2 Hollywood films, that cover this Scenario. The first stars Burt Lancaster & Kirk Douglas it`s called (7 days in May) 1964, some Military Officers & Politicians think the elected President is too soft on the Soviets, so must go. The more modern version stars Forest Whitaker & Sam Waterston it`s called (The Enemy Within) 1994 tv movie, involves a Military Coup to replace the elected President with a more malleable Politician. As with many occasions before Hollywood has theorised possible dramatic events, we can only hope this one stays theoretical.

    (The only reason it seems to have any credence IMO, is the failure of the Dems to accept the last result & their many failed attempts to "correct" this. Those Generals coming forward in the media like that, Dems threatening to use force, in Nov., should they win & the President not accept it. These Marxist riots & the Dems elected officials behaviour in support of them. The President`s attempts to bring the troops home, being blocked by establishment figures from both parties.)

  18. Fire these people who have come out of nowhere and trying to brainwash children by replacing history with their ideology and version of history. Many people died for Civil rights and equality and these people are destroying it with their insanity and creating a greater racial divide than ever .lots of people are running with their own agenda hiding behind blm movement and should be ashamed of themselves. Teaching a victim mentality and blame others for your problems instead of taking responsibility for yourself and your actions is just sad and this actually creating the rise of more of a racial divide instead of unity as Martin Luther King gave his life for. Honor his memory by upholding the value of his teachings and becoming a better human beings together.

  19. Morgan Freeman once said the best way to end racism is to stop talking about race, I don't think he meant to stop teaching history. That's ignorant, so we don't want people to know about Lincoln, King, Washington, Hamilton, even Hitler. If we do not learn from the past we may be destined to….ugh forget it. It's like preaching to heathens with airpods on.

  20. Only an idiot would come up with that 1,love the tune ms,hazy shades,type in antifa in dublin,the irish wont put up with that shit,the police have to protect antifa lol,white privilege is bullshit want proof read irish history from 1169 AD to 1922 AD,people need to wake the fuck up,What do politicians and a butt plug have in common, both are only fit to be buried in a deep dark hole.

  21. That is obvious because they need to hide there evil past for future generations to gaslight them and wax poetic about all the atrocities they are the founders of

  22. White privilege is in fact real what nobody recognizes is that its these liberal ivy league rich kids living in there parents basement wating for there trusfunds and joining antifa to get out of the basement most of the protesters are the white privilege !