Democrats Officially Move To Pack Supreme Court In Psychotic Power Grab, Feckless GOP Does Nothing

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Written by Timcast

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  1. Good. We need a reckoning for the traitors. Acceleration needs to happen because it cannot be avoided. This country is not worth preserving. Can you imagine a healthy nation or government allowing their own people to become a minority?

  2. Anyone who thought the Democrats wouldn't pack the court so they can get their way isn't paying attention. The Democrats have been working towards consolidating power and edging out competition for the last 20 years.

    If you think it's bad now. give them about 10 more years. They're getting bolder now. Eventually they'll start trying very hard to completely shut down the Republican party. The media and social media companies are all Democrat owned and the education system is mostly Democrat owned.

    by 2050, the Democrats will be the sole ruling party of this nation unless something huge happens.

  3. When a person's life is in danger, every round in the magazine is another chance to save their life and or the lives of those around them. The more rounds, the better. If a government is trying to reduce the number of chances I have to save a life, the only conclusion I can reach is that they would prefer that I and those around me die.

  4. There is nothing to predicate this, they increased just once after the Civil War. But that was to enforce the law of the country make sure all states are on the same playing field. What is this for, if not for the Democrats to have more justices that float their way. So if they do this in two years when and two years the Republicans gain Congress and the house and they add 5 Supreme Court Justice n 2022, Democrats can thank themselves for this

  5. This is a take over by a radical left Democrat Party, this is the overthrow of democracy as we know it, people stop pretending it's not happening, and Democrats stop pretending that it's righteous!

  6. The Democrats like China ?? they might as well hoist their flag and dawn their lapel flags. Most consistently denigrate being American and part of western civilization.

  7. Mark My Words Please, Do this, & I promise in 2022, they'll pick Donald Trump as Speaker of the House, then I want you to attempt to complain, PLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAASSSSE….
    They can appoint anyone they want to, so, Do This….