Democrats PANIC Over Low Turnout In Major Democrat Stronghold As Trump Secret Voters STORM The Polls

Democrats PANIC Over Low Turnout In Major Democrat Stronghold As Trump Secret Voters STORM The Polls. Miami is looking better and better for Trump signaling a major victory in Florida.

Democrats are getting angry over the polls claiming Biden can’t lose as well as the constant media fear mongering over the pandemic which they feel is driving away in person voters.

Now in Florida Republicans and trump have a major advantage and Democrats are “screaming and hollering” about desperate need for support to win the state.

Instead of defending in Florida or trying to win Texas, for some reason Joe Biden is in Minnesota, a state not lost by Democrats since 1972

This suggest the polls are wrong and they know it.

Trump is on track for victory at least according to pollsters who got it right in 2016.


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Written by Tim Pool

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  1. Trump is doing three or four rally's a day in all the contested states. He is a force of freaking nature…
    Trump has become…Inevitable. Four more years. 😉

  2. I blindly voted all Democrat in 2008, 12. I thought that’s what Hispanics did. Didn’t vote 2016, and educated myself thereafter… I enthusiastically voted Trump 2020, and all Republican this year.

  3. Ps: with your brutal 16 hour work days, it's a good job that your YouTube hobby only requires minimal effort to sit in front of a live stream & read from four or five press articles in your whiny voice, then finally declaring that "the Democrats are loosing their minds"!! At least that leaves you with plenty of time left in the day to do your proper 16 hour job of actual work & still enjoy the large personal skateboard park occasionally?

  4. A Trump loss would be "funny" in the same way that China getting AI-driven cameras to help drive down people's social credit score was "funny". Not "ha ha" funny–"oh god we live in an Orwellian dystopia" funny.

    Not actually very funny at all, really.

  5. Bidenn is THEE WORST, AND weakest candidate they could have picked! But the knuckleheads did it ANYWAY! ''DEMOCRATS!! ..PLEASE don't make me vote 4 Joe Biden! PLEASE don't make me vote 4 Joe Biden!! PLEASE DONT MAKE ME vote 4 Joe Biden!!!'' Hahaha! xD The never LISTENED!! xD

  6. “Silver lining” here, if Dems win both Houses and the presidency, nobody will ever have to worry about voting again. The delusional Dems have been literally boasting about revising our Constitution and government itself, and will be taking no prisoners and locking the doors behind them. For all that is holy, do NOT reward these insane, power-hungry tyrants.

    ??TRUMP 2020
    ??WETHEPEOPLE 2020
    ??USA FTW!

  7. Im a lifelong Dem who is voting for Trump…I am HOPING AND PRAYING that there are more people like me out there…who are capable of actually accepting the Dems are no longer who they used to be and need to GET OVER any apprehension you have about Trump. He is NOT the monster the hysterical media tried to make him out to be, and has been a good president.

  8. What if people didn't turn out to vote in 2016 because they believed Hillary Clinton was going to easily win (afterall she was expected to win with a 98% chance), all turn out to vote in 2020 to ensure that 2016 doesn't repeat.
    What if you don't see people come out to Biden rallies because people don't care about him, people simply want trump out, they'll vote for the guy with the D next to his name, there's no need to go to his rallies.

    Will be interesting

  9. Everyone keeps making a big deal of where Joe Biden is (or isn't) campaigning for some reason.. Did y'all forget (like Joe) that he probably doesn't even know where he is?? Or which election he is in?? LOL

  10. This is a Trap people they are trying to get you over confident and think it doesn’t matter if you vote. Make sure your voice is heard and Trump remain president.

  11. All i want to see is Trump win by over 51% of all state populations. This way the Dems cant pull any fast ones. So sick of the idea we have to wait till after election day

  12. The reason that your channel has not been censored like the more honest channels is because you play both sides! You deal in chicanery and machiavellian tactics. You are an autonomous puppet and more interested in securing your finances than telling the truth. Circa the 1st or 2nd minute of every video, you cast doubt on a President Trump re-election and then you go on to spew some dialogue that spins around the lame suggestion of being pro-Trump. Bottom line you are playing the viewers like a flimflam "man" What you are doing is cowardly and manipulative. Objectively, however, in some resects, you play your part rather well but you are no skilled chess player. Checkmate !