Democrats PANICKING As BLM Riots Backfire, New Data Shows Trump VICTORY With Black Votes

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Written by Timcast

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  1. As a political party, they endorsed death of innocents and disruption of daily lives of so many people unless you are criminally blind you can come to conclusion that people gonna hate your party for this.

  2. Dear Tim Fool,
    the woman waving the Black Lives Matter flag clearly shows it is a COMMUNIST FLAG, because that fist is a copy of the COMMUNIST FIST … just recolored. BLM is REBRANDED COMMUNISM.

  3. I remember that once I have seen a video where it was said why the Jewish community vote it is important in the USA and the reason was because they have the swing vote. I don't know how they voted last time but how do you think that they will vote now when they signed the peace?

  4. I think it’s wrong for CNN to advocate all black people are for BLM because you are labeling and categorizing someone because of their skin color, which seems racist.

  5. Well you get what you deserve they act like all the other rich men from the past who felt assured that this adventure that had so many negatives and would leave them bankrupt if it fails was going to be a success despite all the warnings! And now the ship that contains all those expensive spices is going to sink into the sea…. And what it their money because the ship belong to them. The only day we're liable so what would happen after the spices were given! They're going to be crying their way to the street as they lose everything and I wouldn't be surprised if this stink follow them into 2024! They're going to be like Cameron who can never Escape any of his quote colleagues or coworkers not making on Pig noise when he's in the vicinity after that expose of his private life in his youth if you all from the UK remember what I'm talkin about! This stink is going to follow them to the Grave

  6. The reason for support is quite simple to understand. The killings of POC's by MUNICIPAL police are done in cities that have been run by democrats for a very long time. The successive democrat mayors had decades to define policy, and hire the police force they wanted.. Democrat DA's have for decades let murders by police go unpunished.

  7. WTF do they expect! The police were serving a valid search warrant and were shot at so they returned fire. I guess these protesters expected the officers to sit there and get shot. A jury of their peers heard all the evidence and found that there was no wrong doing. That is how our justice system works. Do these people expect every time a African American gets shot by the police they should be arrested for doing their job and have no right to defend themselves or for a fair trial? Sorry but no matter how much you want this totalitarian system put in place it’s not going to be. If you do not like it move to a country with a better more fair justice system. Oh wait, there is not one. Be proud and grateful you live in country where there is a fair justice system in place. Just because things don’t go the way you feel they should go doesn’t mean that it is wrong or unfair. Only the people who were in the court room have all the facts and are justified to cast judgement. All you other misinformed people who feel you know the whole story and all the facts because you watch the mainstream media, who is a business by the way and are notorious for not knowing their butts from a hole in the ground and pander to whoever they feel is their target audience. The media does not give a crap about anyone. They only care about ratings, money and promoting which ever political party their CEO thinks they can get the most from. Wake up America! You live in the least racist country in the word. Again if you do not believe this to be true it is a free country and anyone is free to leave if they believe there is a more fair, just, free and less racist country out there.

  8. Honestly as far as I see the only blacks they're going to vote Democrat are the stubborn Boomers and Gen X blacks maybe even the millennials largely the ones involved with black lives matter and all this rioting but the ones not will be the stubborn one to even with all evidence even with them agreeing that the Democratic party has fought those over and continues to f*** this over and feeds fish to us are still going to vote for them because they're still hoping that the worst incompetence is going to be over this time and they'll get what promised! They're too indoctrinated to see that the party never was going to keep their promise they were just going to continue to give our community nothing but fish and at this point they don't care about their Community anymore their attempt to replace us with illegals is painfully clear already! Very competent and they cause more problems than they stalled at this point it's draining the swamp time in Trump's probably going to be in a very Grand position if he secures his second term to do exactly that! I see those believing the Democrats know they're going to lose and are just setting themselves up for 2024! But this doesn't look like smart long-term thinking! This feels like they got no more short-term cards to play and they only think in the short term! Quite foolish they're going to pay the price for that thinking

  9. This is why I am mad at the Republican Party. Even if we can't turn strong blue districts into Red, we need to invest heavily to sell our messages in certain black communities. We might not win congressional districts today, but we need to invest in the future and more important, converting a handful of African Americans would help in Senatorial and Presidential elections.
    They need to target the African American population in swing states. Putting money in Congressional candidates in these areas is basically paying a motivated person to campaign for Trump.

  10. Place to be very clear! I know the polls are probably heavily against them at this point and they know it which is why they continue to lie and only give some agreement that Trump is catching up when Trump was probably heavily on the opposite for all we know the polls were in opposite position and they were using old polling numbers when they should be using current ones that keep up the masquerade! That's why they're in a panic Trump is in falling for any of their traps even though he's been doing so pretty early on likely because they wasted all their traps early on where yes they could be pulled on him now but their own actions invalidate the usefulness of those traps! It's the equivalent of knowing your enemy can heal if you give them time, and after doing a very decisive blow you give them time to lick their wounds that you might as well have not done the previous action before because it was irrelevant and a waste of resources

  11. Fucking animals don’t even take the time to read the reports on the whole breonna issue. She was guilty as well and the no knock warrant saves lives more so than taking them…

  12. Didn't you hear AOC these people had to spend all their money they don't work for to get here from their moms house in their home states. To go shopping since they need this stuff cause it's owed to them because of to fact that people in antarctica stole their dreams to be "pickle lickers"

  13. How trump wins black votes:
    – bring law and order to their communities keeping them safe
    – bring jobs to their communities

    How Dems win black votes:
    – pander
    – fear mongering

  14. And let me add what makes it worse! I'm sure I was the only black man who felt on certain and decide to be neutral and not vote at all! What you could say still counts for Hillary looking at the large number of people in my community that were for her! And she still can be Trump and this time I'm sure there are many like me who are neutral the first time we're going to be on Trump side along with the numbers being against Biden unlike what happened with Hillary! They picked the wrong horse to bet on they really did with black lives matter and now they have to suffer the consequences! Maybe in the future they should know to just support groups are peaceful truly peaceful in the very moment they Riot the very moment they act violent and they don't control themselves like BLM now and as they were when they were first created! Then dismiss them pull support! They'll be mad and they'll try this are black people in deciding against you but the simple show that you won't support their bad behavior has better long-term positive then the long-term negatives that will come from continue to support them even when they've acted this way! The short-term is not worth it

  15. What this website accidentally shows is that 4 states have flipped to democrats purely due to demographic shifts in JUST FOUR YEARS.

    Demographics is destiny.

  16. I'm curious why people assume non college educated white voters are Trump's base. I don't think his base has anything to do with higher education… It has everything to do with common sense. Everyone I know is college educated and voting for Trump.