Democrats Pivot Back to Whining about Trump tax Returns as the NYT Violates Federal Law

They “obtained” tax records but apparently won’t produce them, lol:


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  1. Why is the New York Times so obsessed with Trump’s tax returns but they’ve never once investigated Warren Buffett or George Soros of the tax loopholes that they have probably used?

  2. I encourage folks to look at the recent musings the NYT has published regarding the debate (the general theme is no debates will matter cuz… u guessed it… orange man bad!)
    Especially take a look at reader comments
    The stench of fear is overwhelming leftist sanctimony
    That’s no mean feat
    The Dems have written off the debates… and apparently Joe Biden
    It’s black pills all around!

  3. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter how our economy looks. Black Peeple are gonna vote for the party which releases them after burning Wendy's, without even having to post bail.

  4. Taxes. What Leftist news does not say. Trump does not use personal revenue for investments. Trump uses his companies for all transactions. Therefore, Trump has low personal taxes + writes off transactions for his companies = no jail + no IRS problems. Companies including Leftist ones follow same formula.

    Average citizen does not do any of these.

  5. What about Jeff Bezos, or any of the billionaires who support the Democrat party, do they really pay more taxes than Trump? I call bullshit. Fucking hypocrites the whole lot of them

  6. "They haven't a platform to run on. All they can do is bitch abt his tax returns from 2000. Completely f'ing God damn ridiculous. That's about all. Peace out."

    Nice sign off, Styx. ?

  7. "Trump has surrounded himself with people who know how to run an economy." That statement right there, betrays a profound misunderstanding of economics. The best thing a collection of political actors can do is avoid helping one segment of society prey upon another, and get out of the way of the freedom to trade. That's it.

  8. If I ever reach Trump's financial status, my brand and , myself will always be hyper-politicized for the rest of my life due to the fact I have been a commentator on politics prior to being a Youtube Gamer since 2015.

  9. Why won't the NYT take a look at Nancy Pelosi's tax returns? There are a few more they could look at but I would love to know how much Pelosi has paid in taxes on her investments on Amazon and other businesses for which she acquired insider information. Did she violate any laws by helping to keep stores closed down so people would gravitate to Amazon more. Did she increase her investment in Amazon around that time? The only items on the Biden/Harris platform are things Trump is already doing. They have basically copied his current programs and his next term's agenda .

  10. I don't give two shits about the Tax return of a billionaire who became a politician (and takes ZERO salary from taxpayers by working for free)
    HOWEVER we need to see the Taxes of every politician who has become a millionaire while on taxpayer funded salary!!

  11. maybe I'm remembering this wrong, but I seem to recall stix being very very very much on board with corona being much deadlier just months back… did he flipflop on this just to stay antithetical to the dems?