DEMOCRATS Prevent Trump Withdrawing Troops From Afghanistan!

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


  1. Didn’t Bush start the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? I’m confused ?‍♂️ Not denying the current events!

  2. Everyone knows that democrats are no different from other warmongers in Congress. These people are shameless supporters of the military industrial complex. They are all for killing, killing, and more killing. You are right to refer to them as "war criminals". They only pretend that Black Lives Matter to them. Their only interest is in filling their pockets with monies dishonestly appropriated. Progressives should think seriously about whether they deserve voting for.

  3. The biggest reason this measure got voted down was because it repealed the Authorisation to Use Military Force.
    That is the free pass to authoritarianism at home and abroad.
    The "progressives" know this, that's why they will NEVER repeal it and will instead focus people's attention to the "every average American is racist" side show.

  4. That's why I'm voting for JO JORGENSEN this year. I don't care what percentage she gets. I don't care what people think about Libertarians. As a veteran I want these wars to end and for my brothers and sisters to return home. I want to reappropriate all the funds we have wasted on war to healing our homeland.

  5. let me ask you this, is the world better with the US or without it? Is the US hedgemony worth the price of this continued lies, corruption, murders, pure profit CIA and Pentagon approved hedge corporations who's sole purpose is to recruit ex military for the pure purpose of making profit off endless conflict at the same time being able to test new top secret weapons systems for soldiers and vehicles. Is the world a better place with the US with Trump standing up to China but yet still allowing this gross injustice in its own relationships with the office of foreign relations which actually calls the shots with the whole security apparatus. The list goes on and one.

  6. One thing trump has for sure over Obama and Bush is that while he completely overblows defense spending, he makes an effort to get troops home instead of like bush and Obama, sending more in and adding new wars.

  7. Same reason we had to be in Viet Nam. Asian countries will all fall like dominoes into Communism. How’s Capitalism working for Covid USA?

  8. Poor kids get sent to war to get mentally destroyed or die. They come back and live on the streets and have drug problems, fighting temptations to commit suicide. While the war mongers send their kids to the Ivy with fat trust funds built from these same wars.

  9. I F a piece of S H I T demoCRAP gets elected to the HIGHEST OFFICE we W I L L BE I N an ACTUAL "any day now" World War 3 situation.
    COVID will look like a back yard picnic.

  10. I really do think the reason trump didn’t pull them out immediately and the reason there was so many bombs dropped last year is because he brought John Bolton into his administration. Thankfully he is gone now so maybe trump can finally start doing the right thing and bring our boys home.

  11. How long can I continue to not switch sides towards orange man? Who is left in the left? I don't care about internal American affairs, I'm not American, but you really need to cut military presence, and use that money to fix your country and fund your veteran programs.

  12. Jimmy I'm pretty sure you don't have time to read these comments, however I have to say we probably don't agree on much, however I respect you on this issue. You're one of the very few liberals who tell the truth about this issue. Trump is the most anti-war President in my lifetime. His restraint and response to North Korea, Iran, and so on has been really a fantastic record on foreign policy. Also the things he has done in the middle east have been 90% successful.

  13. The US has but one party… The war party. Ask the people of Hiroshima how it ends for a country ruled by militarist psychopaths… I'm just amazed we managed to survive this far.