Democrats Pushed NYC Into A Death Spiral, Cuomo BEGS Wealthy People To Return As MORE Flee Far Left

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  1. This is just breaking my heart, I grew up in the Bronx and used to hang out in manhattan everyday. This was an awesome place to grow up during the Mayor Guliani days. Democrats ruined my city, glad I am raising my family in Texas now!

  2. The problem is not the rich assholes who are leaving and who have left NYC.

    The problem is all the piece of shit homeless this city's administration has allowed to come here and remain since after the blm rioters.

    Many of those blm rioters had arrived here from other parts of the state and country and this piece of shit mayor has permitted these interlopers to remain.

  3. What's that? Socialism/communism drives away the wealthy and their wealth causing a severe economic downtown? Gasp! Who would have thought!

  4. Only one place I’d like to visit and one place I’d like to experience and they in order is, Milwaukee to the Harley Davidson factory and the place I’d like to experience is my favourite state in the USA is Texas. I almost forgot there’s one other place I’d like to go and pay my respects to is the memorial wall give my thanks to those in the our fathers embrace for their sacrifice alone other thing and that’s give a mahoosive double eagle to both of these useless bastards, macnamara and the equally useless numpty looser the bastard Jonah, oops I meant Johnson.fuck you two fuckwits. ??????????????

  5. Gotta take a moment to urge all of you to share this man’s videos. PLEASE. There are more than 350 million people in this country, every one of them needs to hear this fellow’s name.

  6. I read somewhere that they will partly shut down the municipal works (read: sanitary services) as well.
    Lesson not learned: Don't mess with the janitors.