Democrats Release Detailed Plan Of How Trump Will CHEAT, No One Will Believe The Election Results

Democrats Release Detailed Plan Of How Trump Will CHEAT, No One Will Believe The Election Results. In a new op-ed the founder of MSNBC claims Trump is preparing a plan to cheat and keep the presidency even after losing the election.

The claim is that republican controlled states will jam up the electoral vote so that neither Biden nor Trump can get enough votes then the house splits along state delegation lines and Trump wins reelection.

Regardless of what happens it seems like no one will believe what happens in November.

The far left is currently advocating for a green party vote which could help Trump but maybe the forecasts about him losing are correct. But maybe Trump is right and mail in voting results in fraud leaving all of us confused and split along tribal lines


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. All the bogus statements about Trump completely failing in response to the CV pandemic are just that. It is complete nonsense and an attempt to gaslight the American voter.


  3. I recently got a mail in ballot which has the address of my hometown in USA. I live in China. We are supposed to get the ballot from the embassy in Beijing! There is already shenanigans

  4. What I have found works for me, if you take what the MSM says and think the exact opposite, you will have THE NEWS. I'm not joking EVERY TIME! Like this story, if you changed it from Trump to Biden, it would be an actual news story. When MSM says "this is BAD for you!", that means buy it!, it could save your life. If you apply this to EVERY STORY, you will have accurate news 95% of the time, and that is WAY better than believing those MSM assholes, they will get you killed, they do not care about American Citizens. Abhorrent.

  5. I pray The Lord's hand will be in the election. Everyone knows Dem's won't accept it, they still didn't accept 2016. The problem is going to come if Dem's think they can circumvent the election, claim Biden won and still hold control of this country. There are Foreign Gov'ts involved now, pushing the "peaceful protesters", if anyone cannot see what a dumpster fire the democrat party is, and they want crazy leftists running everything, there is no help for them. Biden win means I pack up the kids and the guns and move to northern Michigan to my brother's house in the country, and wait til they come for us. No sense sending my kids to far left indoctrination camps (school), so they can be made to kneel to children who have darker skin, and be told that they are soulless animals, because they are white, I don't think so. I LOVE my kids, my Lord and Savior and my incredible President Donald J Trump! Not necessarily in that order.

  6. The left does not want a Civil War with the right. First of all most of the Military voted for Trump, so thats probably enough but say it does happen. With most of the leftist live in major cities. We close all traffic in and out of said city. One week with no food and game over! They truly haven't thought this through . Lets all pray it doesn't come to that. Love your shows. The most common sense channels around. Great work!

  7. Whatever happens, both sides will not accept the same result. If Trump wins, left will say he cheated and riots will spiral out of control completely!!! Trump will then be forced to declare THE MARTIAL LAW. If Biden wins, riots will probably calm down a little bit, but radical leftist policies and rules will not sit well with average citizens, and Trump supporters. This will slowly turn into full blown CIVIL WAR.

  8. "We need mail-in ballots more than ever, because of Covid."
    No. Because of Leftists who sell Covid as this super bioweapon, and trying to make the public scared, while it's one of the most ineffective and harmless viruses in recent times. All so they can sneak in voter fraud by mail-in voting, because they KNOW they have no chance of winning otherwise with Biden.

  9. I reckon the Democrats will make it seem like they won.
    Republicans will reject it because it makes no sense.
    Far-Left & Dems will do what they always do and destroy cities and push for revolution/enslaving people not socialist enough.
    Blue&Red states will split America into 2 seperate countries.
    The communist country will not be content with its bordered nation and try to conquer America/other countries under World Government.
    We will have to decide if we want to finish the job that we failed at in WW2/Korean War/Cold War/Vietnam War.

  10. Trump is stepping back right now letting the people see exactly who the democrats are resulting in more people voting for him. Once he wins watch the sword drop.

  11. When I lived in Texas I had to re-register to vote every year.
    When I move back to Florida from Texas, I found out that registering to vote in Texas did not affect my voting. Once you're registered to vote in Florida you're always registered to vote in Florida.

  12. This is why all of Trump’s supports need to vote, in some attempt to even win the popular vote. If that happens (as well as winning the Electoral College) then surely that’ll be enough