Democrats REVOLT Over Biden Student Loan Plan, Say It Insults Their Voters

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  1. This actually makes the small.goverment position perfectly clear. LARGE government takes then gifts it back as if they did something amazing. How about low tax rates in the first place?

  2. it’s called a takings clause. If you shut down a company and force them to no longer have revenue for 2 years. The government owes you something. If the government comes in and seizes your property they have to compensate you for it. If they took your land and house would you say, “oh well I’ll just dip into my rainy day fund”?

    Additionally vast majority of the PPP loans went to employees when they weren’t working. So how bout the company just fire everyone, then they’d have to go through government website to apply for unemployment. It’s way easier to give the money to the companies to distribute the money since it’s basically already through payroll.

    PPP loans were stated as a plan to forgive them. Student loans were never stated as to be forgiven.

    So 3 major differences between PPP loans and student loans

    Also it’s laughable to suggest internet-news based companies lost revenue during the pandemic. They didn’t. So they didn’t even qualify for PPP loan forgiveness most likely. So very “big” of them to not accept something they didn’t even qualify for.

    Additionally taking a loan doesn’t mean you got it forgiven.

  3. We should implement trade schools in this country. Like you go to class for your trade for half the day or a few days a week, then go work for a job that has agreed to sponsor you with the promise that they employ you for a number of years. No debt, guaranteed job, get some actual work experience. Since we're trying to make culture, maybe get some trade careers on board…?

  4. If we are going to have the government pay for anything, it should first evaluate whether the country needs that. We don't need more lawyers or liberal arts BS. STEM, maybe business, nurses, medical doctors – these are useful, for qualified students. end govt loans for all other degrees, and they won't have any need for debt relief.

  5. This one is a simple argument to unpack: No, they dont. Lol lol
    Democrats as a party r not revolting against Biden. Does this show ever talk about reality?? I mean, why not?? Why not talk about the actual policy & proposals from both sides?? Instead, day after day, year after year, its everything but that.

  6. The pathetic thing is, if Biden's handlers gave even a solitary shit about actually helping the people with student loan debt, they could easily have tweaked this to make it an excellent bit of pandering… but it just wouldn't be the Biden Administration if they didn't half ass it the whole way and create yet another clusterf*ck.

    That having been said, if I knew then what I know now, I'd have gone to a trade school instead of college, and been much better off now. I have two brothers-in-law who are in the construction/landscaping trades, and they've got the American dream… meanwhile I'm living with my parents and if I'm LUCKY, I'll end up on disability.

  7. The president of the United States don't have power of the purse. Their main job is Commander and Chief of the Armed forces, the purse lies with Congress. Presidents lie about what they can and can't do and this is pissing me off that we don't hold them accountable.

  8. We really need to clarify a couple of things here folks: A) These are not liberals, Democrats, or Progressives. They are Communists who are currently the controlling regime in what used to be a Constitutional Representative Republic. Nobody in the current Communist regime has forgiven one cent of debt. They just transferred it to those of us who are responsible and pay our bills.

  9. Fascinating to see the American youth of today totally excel at flipping patties and assembling tacos. Colleges seem to be touting useless degrees to the youngsters who are too uneducated to see the realism of their stupidity in taking out these loans that will inevitable stifle their ability to move out of their parents house, or if they do, they will constantly struggle to make ends meet. I have a stepson and a couple of nieces and nephews who are just dumbfounded how to repay for the educations they chose that are currently worthless. Two of them currently make their money as waiters, relying on tips for good service to earn a living. One has excelled and has a management position, but the sad reality of it all is the corrupt system they bought into. It will be years before they can cut their mamas' apron strings. And one of them is just a lost cause. My son hasn't gone to college yet because he understands the repercussions of failing to pay back loans, and the ramifications that ensue over defaulted borrowing. He decided to come help me in what has now become classed as a family business. I couldn't be prouder. He can move forward in life debt free. Sadly his taxes will now pay for the inept decision makers and dregs of this country's debt. Heartbreaking prospect for a father trying to educate a child about responsibility.

  10. I live in Canada and as you know we have a bonkers leftist government currently, however, I cant see something this absurď ever even being suggested here. This is insane, and such a low bottom way to try and hang onto power. Dispicable.

  11. I didn’t realize that there were so many hack liberals still sooo disconnected and delusional but I just was on msnbc and I can’t believe even after seeing Biden as a fsiling senile incompetent idiot- they are still repeating stuff like “ wasn’t trump going to be reinstated by now …” hahahaha like what ??? Are there really people that pathetic???

  12. There is already programs for some student loan forgiveness for employees of the federal government, public service workers (such as teachers working in a low income school, someone working for family and child services, police officers, etc.), people who work for Americorps or the Peace Corps, and certain doctors.

    Problem is many of these programs are so underfunded so it can take YEARS for a professional to get relief. So, instead of the blanket $10,000 for everyone, I believe congress should look at this program and figure out a better system for certain tuition reimbursement. For example, not every doctor, teacher, and person working in public service should get a tuition reimbursement. However, someone serving in a underfunded area should get some support. For example, doctors who serve a small town 30+ miles away from the nearest hospital, a teacher teaching students in a low income area, and I would argue most public servants other than politicians.

    These programs can highly promote students to become public defenders after taking out MASSIVE debt, choose a medical field without looking at cost, serve in a low income area where the people are unable to afford to pay more taxes, and look at more emotionally challenging lines of work.

    I am not saying people in the private sector do not have there own struggles. BUT if we are going to take money to support people who have taken massive loans maybe it should be for people who serve the most vulnerable in society and look to serve the community in which the taxes come from.

  13. That dude with the long hair is a man’s man… seriously, he was dead F’ing serious when he said “I will not do that to my fellow Americans “ and these rich elite hack liberals who prob make no money and will use this to not pay while their parents are rich as hell and they never paid a dollar in their lives …. Good for you man- I never went to school but I would do the same and also I don’t want to pay for someone else’s anything. I have bills …no one is helping me ever

  14. In my country, the interest on student loans is forgiven, but only if you are paying off the debt, a lot of people got their degrees then went overseas and wouldn't pay their loans. The problem in the USA is the interest on the loans not the actual loans themselves as people should have access to higher ed if they don't have the means.

  15. PPP loans were for business that were FORCE to closed down by the government to pay there employees, so those employees wouldn't have to go on unemployment totally destroying the system. D7mbass leftist

  16. Obviously their trying to buy votes, like in the Georgia elections. Vote for us and the two thousand dollar checks will be in the mail. Then oh the checks are 600 because Trump sent 1200 already.

  17. The problem is not, strictly speaking, student debt. The problem is that the institutions have non incentive to control costs. If you want to end the student debt problem, require the institutions to be guarantors of the debts of their students. That way, if a student cannot repay their student loans, the institution is on the hook for the money. With that threat hanging over them, the institutions will have a incentive to control costs.

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