Democrats Say They Are NOT Nominating Joe Biden??! Did They Just Gaffe Or Admit Biden Is Out?

Democrats Say They Are NOT Nominating Joe Biden??! Did They Just Gaffe Or Admit Biden Is Out? In an interview with Fox news Xochitl Hinojosa said that they are “not officially nominating Joe Biden in order to taken on Donald Trump”

The confusing comment led many to believe that the Democratic party had slipped up and the DNC communications director accidentally revealed the real reason for the upcoming convention.

Biden has been a disaster for the Democrats and Republicans have been cheering the entire time. The GOP loves that Biden is the presumptive nominee because he doesn’t stand a chance against Trump.

Many suspect that Biden is a placeholder candidate that allows the Democrats to shield the real nominee from bad press and from having to win the primary. The ultimate cheat

Could the 2020 Election Be Donald Trump Vs be Hillary Clinton? Andrew Cuomo? Michelle Obama?


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Written by Tim Pool

Tim Pool brings you breaking news from around the world and commentary on top news topics in Politics and Cultural issues around the world. Stay tuned for live news, livestreams, breaking stories, everyday and a new podcast episode of "The Culture War" every Sunday at 4pm. Use the email below for any business inquiries.


  1. Yeah, but Corn Pop liked to pet the hair on Slow Joe's legs, and he was no dog-faced pony
    soldier! Joe's go-to move is to attack anyone that questions him!

  2. The only thing the democrats do , is enrich themselves and screw up the country as much as possible with stupid acts and laws that favor everybody but Americans . Yeah i said it , illegals go home .

  3. I'm Joe Biden and I wrote all the lyrics on the Butthole Surfers album, ~Hairway To Steven~ , especially on the track, "John E. Smoke"

  4. BOOO! I was SOOO hoping for a Trump-Biden Debate. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN EPIC!!!!!!!!! But Trump would kick Bidens ass, it wouldn't even be funny. Dems are right to replace him. (Trump will beat that person too.. :p )

  5. Tim, please explain how they can replace Biden? The Constitution doesn't allow for the DNC to choose a candidate. If Biden fell ill it has to legally default to the candidate with the second most votes in the primary. The Primary election is not a recommendation, it's a lawfully enforced choice by voters. I honestly believe they thought they could choose whomever they like. Unfortunately, they have zero authority to select a candidate. I am laughing at the notion they think it's possible. The DNC can endorse another candidate, but it's impossible for them to put them on the ballot unless they run as Independents.
    It's 100% pathetic that they are so arrogant they assume they have the POWER to choose a different candidate. Fortunately, they have no authority to choose a candidate. They have one option, hope Biden wins. To run another candidate, they have to wait for four more years.

  6. NC’s liberal governor is bailing out on the RNC and walking away from millions of dollars for the local economy. This POS needs to go.

  7. I made it almost two minutes, can I get the 5 IQ points I lost back………Tim Pool is proof it's not important what you say, just that you have something to say and say and say and say.

  8. “I’m uh…Umm…Who am I again? Oh, I’m Jill Biden. I mean Joe Biden, and, uh, what are we doing again? Can I have some soup, please?”

    Joe Biden, probably.

  9. Well, this turned out to be a double NothingBurger with extra cheese.
    Biden is the fricking nominee. It’s done.
    Good. Trump is gonna trounce him harder than Joe beat CornPop in his fantasy world. ?

  10. What if thier plan is to not have ppl vote for biden and have a mystery candidate come in so theres no early votes for biden and those votes are saved for that candidate and try and get trump bt surprise ? ?

  11. When I look at Biden, I see a sad man who acknowledged his sickness and his situation he is in. He is probably very honest when he says "Don't vote for me"

  12. I wonder if it's not to generate even more chaos so the UN can step in and help us out with that Martial law… Hell the training been done courtesy of noperation jade helm…. Fuck me has Ale. Jones been right all along? I

  13. Darker theory: the left wants 45 to win on order to CAUSE civil war, divide & destruction in an attempt to enact marshall law and take control be force

  14. Last week:
    Reporter: "If you are elected you will be the oldest president in US history."
    Biden: "What about Winston Churchill?"
    True….he's that bad, groping aside.