Democrats Set To Send US Marshals To ARREST Steve Bannon, The Spark Of Civil War Is Upon Us

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  1. It’s very conceivable that Bannon took money off the top from the fundraiser to build the wall, but to think no other demo-rat has done the same is laughable. Frankly the U.S has very little hope in my opinion. Both sides are corrupt just one is more so than the other.

  2. Oh yeah thats the Dems and they're cronies for ya. Fuck it all up and blame and arrest everyone else who says "wtf are you doing?" And the Republicans are push overs. It won't change until they are all replaced. And maybe a hybrid version of Jefferson's America could be tried for a while because we know now how Hamilton's works after 200 years.

  3. A civil war in modern america will not look like the historical civil war. it will not have clear boarders or sides. Its a civil war for control of your mind, control of your thoughts, control of your access to information. Control information and you will control how people think, its why this facebook thing is so important P.S. "live and let live" has always been a conservative position

  4. Democrats are Nazis. They mandate decrees like they're gods & Kings, wish people would die because they refuse to comply with mandates, and arrest everyone they "think" is guilty.

  5. I can't see a civil war brewing but what happened last year & I feel bad 4 Trump Supporters getting robbed of the election, yeah I can definitely see a civil war coming between The American People & Government Tyranny & odds r the American People r gonna lose because any city that is runned by Demoncrats don't WANT u 2 have a firearm that is heavily modified like in GTA V or COD Warzone, body armor or hell an armored suit like Iron Man that can withstand normal bullets but NOT armored penetrating bullets, 1st aid Medical Kit & a whole ton of non-perishable foods, clean drinking water, free electricity 4 life & EMP shields 4 ur house & vehicle. They WANT the working poor & middle class 2 DIE so they can create their OWN world because in their eyes we R the vermin that infests the ENTIRE planet like cockroaches, regular roaches, house mice & RATS!

  6. When the American Civil War finally ignites and the SJW liberals and communist Democrats can't hide behind social media anymore, their demise will be biblical

  7. The DemocRATS' "Russian collusion" accusation was a WITCH HUNT that Mueller found ZERO EVIDENCE of.
    This is the latest COMMUNIST DEMOCRAT attempt to defame and discredit Trump!

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