Democrats Sneak In Loophole Ending Voter ID Laws Into COVID Relief Bill

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  1. Heh, if Trump legalized weed, the majority of the loonies would go around screaming “Pot is a racist! Stop using pot, smoke more tobacco!”

  2. Being the second round of $1,200, I would think they could put a total on that list. (350 Billion for the second round of $1,200 stimulus checks)

  3. They want mail in voting so hey can try to cheat. They don' want voter ID because they don't want people knowing how many illegals are actually voting. Non citizens can't vote.

  4. Though I would love it if Trump decriminalized pot on a federal level, and removed it from the moronic, backwards drug scheduling system… he probably won't actively campaign on this issue. Because he's got such a large evangelical base.

  5. Attempting to eliminate Voter ID should be considered electoral meddling, and those who support or push for it should be considered treasonous.

  6. There should be LAWS restricting the scope of new legislation to the topic at hand. In Florida we had fracking and a ban on vapes in the same bill. Why is this even tolerated or allowed?

  7. Tim, the state of Indiana won't do anything with legal medical marijuana until the Feds do. Governor said so. So it does matter. And unlike some states Indiana does not allow ballot initiatives. So everyone drives to surrounding states to get what they need.

  8. No. Democrats aren't worried about our health, they want to commit massive voter fraud, that's why they want mail-in votes allowed

  9. We need to cut the salary in half of these idiots in the Senate and House if they have all this time to come up with this stupid shit then they aren't doing their job and should be paid accordingly. They are just busy bodies collecting a paycheck.

  10. California the state that's never in doubt but always wrong that's supposed to be the Pinnacle of progression , the future, the crown jewel but that always needs bailing out and is utterly failing.

  11. The democrats are evil. The left argues that voter fraud isn't an issue but keeps making huge steps so that it definitely will be an issue in the near future

  12. kendrick barnas
    We are the Boss.

    2.1million signatures petitioned Mitch McConnell to put the Heros Act on the floor and pass it. He is the leader of the Senate, he decides what they vote on. This was months ago! Over 600 organizations came together and compiled 2.1million signed petition demanding for him to put the Heros act on the floor. And that is just the tip of the ice berg.
    Stimulus relief before the cares act originated from a national petition demanding UBI 1.6 million petitioned for that along with another petition with the same demand reaching 400k. That petition sparked the Cares Act but it was the cheese in the trap, to keep pressure down publicly we thought we got relief, 1200 one time. While 43000 millionaires each recieved over a million from that bill.

    Congress has had 3 Bill's that actually meet the Demands of the millions of people calling UBI during this pandemic. All of which have been silenced by a majority of congress/media as they created this hyper focus on Heals act and Heros act debate.

    Automatic Boost to Communities Act
    Senate bill purposed, committee supported, denied floor vote by Senate leader

    Monthly Economic Crisis Support Act
    Senate bill purposed, committee supported, denied floor vote by Senate Leader

    Emergency money for people act
    House bill purposed, committee supported, denied floor vote by speaker of the house.

    Whitehousegov. Petition to pass the Emergency Money for People Act surpassed its signatures goal and has still been silenced in the middle of this hyper focus the congress has created between Heals Act and Heros Act. No media wants to touch on what the people really want just the debate of what they want us to focus on.

    Point being the Civil servants are not listening to us (the boss) we have made our statement very clear to them and fortunate for us some congress listened creating the three Bill's for monthly payments. However the majority of congress is donor dollar blind to support the interest of the public's wishes.
    We are at a time in our history where the political corruption to wealthy donors is creating wealth extraction and supporting poverty exploitation and to overcome this we need mass organized pressure.
    Peoples stimulus movement had over 300k people visiting congresses homes july 11th and july 25th. Movements like that and more signatures on the current petitions will ever so create more pressure.

    Come together, don't be divided on this focus between GOP and Democrat, take unified action to Congress as a whole.
    Sign the petitions like the rest of us.

    They are the public servants, it's time to remind them were the boss