Democrats Threaten Journalist Matt Taibbi With Prison Over Twitter Files! w/ Matt Taibbi

During the Twitter Files Congressional testimony, Democratic Representative Stacey Plaskett described Matt Taibbi as a “so-called” journalist and now she’s following up that attack by issuing a letter calling for Taibbi’s arrest for lying under oath. Plaskett is parroting erroneous allegations spread on Twitter by MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan while also engaging in a frontal assault on the first amendment.

Guest host Aaron Maté and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger speak with Taibbi about this bizarre turn of events in the Twitter Files saga.

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  1. I know what to think about it. It tells you everything you need to know about the Democrats. These are the kind of people who are exactly where they’ve always wanted to be — they have the power to threaten those who they don’t like, for little to no reason.

    THEY ARE BULLIES and I’m betting that they’ve ALWAYS been bullies. Find people who went to elementary school with them and interview them, Matt.

  2. Matt Taibi in my opinion is one of the most respected journalist I actually listen to. This is a democratic representative actually wanting to throw him in jail for the most benign reason possible. This is why I say the democrats on the fast track to fascism even more than republicans. We live in a very dangerous country.

  3. Free speech was GUARANTEED for exactly this reason and they want to stop it or label it dangerous “misinformation”. They don’t like the truth get out. Even if it was “misinformation” all speech is protected.
    This is also why they go after 2A. Because like speech 2A keeps the government in check. Basically the fascist state want to eliminate the foundational documents and create the corporate slave state.

  4. I’d like all these types of congress critters, current and former ‘intelligence’ personnel face serious charges and consequences for what they’ve done and are doing .. the fact they haven’t yet just screams how miserably corrupt this gov is

  5. Pity the monster Fauci isn't held to the same standards, this nasty piece of work has lied and deceived under oath ad nauseum without consequence. We are at a terrible place!

  6. This is terrifying. It’s unbelievable how quickly this country went from being free to totalitarian. This is why I told people I wouldn’t bring children into this world. I don’t know what I would do if I had grandchildren. I can’t even imagine what this country will look like when these kids that are toddlers become adults

  7. Cyber internet and intranet security and cybersecurity internets protections of social protections for cyber securities…how dare you confuse the acronyms for words that all mean the same thing. I say we put whoever came up with those acronyms in jail:) They are purposely obtuse and full of intentional redundancy. (Also likely employing all the same people) but that imaginary line keeps the govt from breaking the law

  8. The rot and stench that surrounds and permeates these people is the baseline by which they judge themselves to be good and their actions to be just and proper.

  9. That is what the democrats do. They will commit any crime and play it off as nothing, but if you do something they don't like they will put you away in a casket or a prison.

  10. Every aspect of government and their so-called partners. Our terrorist organizations and criminal scum bag pieces of trash. When will you wake up? When will you stop allowing your children to be raped in front of your face?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?

  11. They need to be held accountable, especially when the democrats continued to say the hunter biden laptop was Russian disinformation.. lol.. its so comedic.. Americans are funny as. They make Americans seem wacky.. Australia is pretty wacky too thoe haha coming from an Australian

  12. Every house democrat is either evil or insane (a lot are probably both), every one of them voted against the bill to protect biological women's rights in sport, they haven't a clue about what the average person thinks.

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