Democrats Tries To Make Pro Illegal Immigration Documentary, Learns Truth, Now Will Vote TRUMP

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  1. I worked at lowes distribution center in my local town, they employ 510 people well we were asking for a raise well they kept telling us they couldn't afford it. Starting pay at that time was $12 an hour. Well ice did a raid and and they lost 280 employees and were fined but they were needing people to fill these positions but couldn't get people cause they were the lowest paying job in town. So all of sudden they raised pay 15+ dollars an hour. So once ice got rid of the illegals the pay suddenly goes up.

  2. Let them wander, I don't care
    I have no sympathy for them
    – they come here, get free everything
    Then refuse to act American
    Then feeling so entitled they call you racist for not getting to vote, free college, free housing more free shit than they already get
    — please I hope more get caught in that 90 miles wandering
    – the doc exposed the truth, they arent really needing asylum, they come to suck off of us , send it hack home

  3. Pls read “The American Citizens handbook on Immigration-a candid conversation with a concerned citizen” available now in all major bookstores. The last chapter “unintended Consequences” is a must read before the election

  4. I was for border protection before. For one thing, what does one think that one is doing? I know the opposing side already, something about refugees. We've got that and we have a system to accommodate refugees. Now we're talking about aliens who want to come here and not even tell who they are, or aliens that come here "temporarily" and we know who they are but they stay longer. Either of those is illegal.

    * hence the term. *

    This is a whole new level of why the border should be enforced. It isn't the vague "bad for American Labor" type of argument or the "Kids in cages" (thanks Obama!) argument. It's literally why they shouldn't try, and the disasters that happen because they do. I knew some of this before, but brought all together you've made it a clear picture.

  5. Yes BLM and antifa are the new nazis of today burning down brothers and sisters homes stores and house of worship and calling it peaceful protest.

  6. The same thing happened to the documentary filmmaker Eric Allen Bell, only re Islam, not immigration. He realized that the left had it all wrong, at least on this topic. When he tried to share some of his research with his Hollywood financial backers in a meeting where he tried to talk them into still funding his film (despite his complete 180), they wouldn't even TOUCH, much less read, his materials. He said it was like the papers were radioactive.

  7. You are loosing subscribers fast Tim. Your podcast is the cause in my opinion. The new long haired guy is awful. I have not watched one since he started.
    Why is his mic always so much louder that the others on the show?

  8. Used to be a dem. Everything they ever told me was a lie. Everything. Guns, immigration, all of it. They really are indoctrinating kids in school.

  9. In 2015 i was set on voting for hillary because bill was my boy and always associated him with a good life since it was good when he was president. Started doing a bit of research and next thing you know im an x-democrat. All it takes is a little research

  10. For the love of Pete. A proper nation has borders. A proper nation has laws to keep. Most citizens and visiting/working foreigners, of every race, follow those laws and rely on those borders to keep the integrity of the State intact. Not upholding the law ans letting people flaunt it is doing all those people a grave disservice. The improper enforcement of laws and borders implies a weakness in the State. A weakness which could affect its ability to keep them safe and secure. And if they don't feel safe or secure, it will affect their ability to do their jobs or engage in business. Any sudden change to the social make-up will have to be dealt with carefully and strategically as part of a rationalized plan–because if done improperly the change could traumatize the existing society and the economy.

    This is why Hippies don't build nations.

  11. Tim, WTF are you talking about, re: Sweden? When you accepted PJW's offer to send a journalist to Sweden to cover the Islam-caused violence, you got chased out of, if I recall, Malmo, so much so that the cops had to escort you out (all on camera), for your own safety. You CONFIRMED the right's narrative about the Religion of Peace destroying Sweden.

    I started following you, because, although you were a leftist, you proved through this trip and the reportage you did on it that you were an honest journalist, one worthy of my trust.