Democrats Walked Right Into Trump’s Trap, They DEMANDED He Stop Enforcing Law And Now OWN The Riots

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Written by Timcast

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  1. Anyone else not too trusting of Andy Ngo anymore? Not because of this content, but because it seems like he likes to instigate just a little. I get that it doesn't take much to instigate the left, existing does that, but there's something about him that just feels a little disingenuous.

  2. Bring in water canons, microwave weapons puke lights and sonic weapons. That'll make the cockroaches run away. Blast the pricks shining lasers first.

  3. Peaceful protestors? Who stay out all night smashing windows setting fires and attacking the police. Yeah…their peaceful. Bring in the military and end this shit!

  4. Evil always finishes by exposing itself for what they are EVIL. Those in society that cannot discern right from wrong shows where this world is at right now?

  5. You do not know because your amygdala is still trapped in leftist fascist way of thinking… once you grow up and vote for orange man you will begin to know

  6. These so-called moms need to keep their " kids" at home,and teach them some manners,morals,and civility.Stop getting botox,and liposuction,and take care of your kids! The schools are teaching your children to Hate America,and that capitalism is evil…So give up your SUVs,and all your new cell phones and whatever capitalisms' given you( which is a Free market system) which means you can open your own business,set your own prices,work as long as you want or not) The Democrats tax you to death,regulate,and monitor you to bits!

  7. President Trump is a brave guy…these people are evil and dangerous! Kathy Griffin is a the early days of his presidency,she holds a fake head (representing Pres.Trump) with fake blood dripping from it!. This was Way before Mr.George Floyd ever died! The democratic lefties threw massive temper tantrums in the street when he became President! This has bee. A plot,and agent since the very beginning!

  8. They all had abortions. They aren’t mothers.

    Anyone that believes the “protestors” aren’t the ones causing riots in all of the same cities at night, are as gullible as every citizen across the world that fought to turn their country into a socialist nation… thereby putting themselves in the chains of slavery.

  9. The Democommunist is at edge of the cliff. Now all the Democommunist have to do is to make one more stupid statement or one more misstep in judgment and they will fall like a Ton Of Bricks.

  10. It seems many of the radical left supporters come from so called college educated students. Brainwashed by socialist/ communist professors. So, that boils down to take a fool, send em to school, and you have an educated fool. Damn!!!! There are a hell of a lot of them running around. But….there are also plenty of uneducated fools who like to be paid to be an anarchist by socialist who want to keep power.

  11. It's really sad that this so called president is close to causing a civil war he has made being a racist, liar cheat and crook perfectly acceptable with so many people. This is his legacy.

  12. It's funny, Americans think violent protest in other countries fine if backed by the USA. But in their own country it's riots and criminals . Reap what you sow, suck it up America and realise you live in a socially inept backwater

  13. read the 14th amendment… you'll
    be shocked. anyone that supports
    the riots. it's a felony and you will
    lose your public position state and
    federal. the governors can all
    be arrested and put in prison
    read it.

  14. Went through my whole life not hating Democrats or Republicans until 2016,now hate is a strong word,but just a word,but actual feelings for keeping America America is how I will vote and support,if my vote doesn't get lost out in the local Landfills,if it does I will support him anyway.