Democrats Want To SANITIZE History, THIS Would Be A GREAT Place To Start

Tim and Adam discuss a handful of enterprising GOP representatives who are taking the debate to the Democrats with a proposal banning parties who have checkered histories.

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  1. Intersectionalism infantalizes people of color. It makes excuses for their failures and trivializes their successes. It's the soft bigotry of low expectations, and is nothing more than rebranded white supremacy, made palatable to liberals with a deceptive layer of sophistry. White people, particularly single, childless white people,have been desperate to adopt POC as lost puppies for centuries. It doesn't even occur to most of them that this in and of itself is a racist impulse, seeing POC as incapable of cutting out their own living in the world. Conservatives respect POC enough to leave them the hell alone and give them the same shot everyone else gets. So many of them just want to scream "HEY WHITE PEOPLE! I AM A HUMAN BEING. I AM AN ADULT. STOP HELPING ME AS IF I AM A LOST CHILD THAT CAN'T SURVIVE WITHOUT YOU!"

  2. It's no joke! I have been suggesting this for a long time. The leaders should be tried with treason, their citizenship stripped, and deported as stateless persons. Properties and accounts seized for recompense for their damage to the nation and the people. Changing the name of the Democratic party is not equivalent to what they are doing to our history. Banning the actual people from American soil would be equivalent. For if those historical people were alive today they would want to do the same to them. These people attack our nation and our Constitution and our PEOPLE! They must be held accountable. And the leaders of the Democratic Party are the ones signalling their approval through their arguments, stances, and votes. BAN THEM FROM AMERICA!


    But the ELEPHANT is from Africa. I WOULD PICK AN ELEPHANT. THAT IS THE ANIMAL I WOULD POINT TO IN ANY OF THE LANGUAGES. Understand? So it does not matter how OK. It is true. Democrats = BAD STUFF. Republicans = GOOD STUFF. The Democrats "make" Create/Force cause some Republicans to do BAD STUFF. It's a Swamp Problem but less of a problem than The Crisis Creator People. The CCP and Democrats. FIRST. Then we "NO NAME" the G.O.P. bad stuff and the RHINOS.

    Democrats HAVE HIPPO and DONKEY. It is AFRP NOW America First Republican Party. Lets see them try to mess that one up. Those lil punks. Republicans have Rhinos and Elephants.

    Because you know how they name bills and prop A / B / C stuff like SAVE THE CHILDREN PROP A but it will actually hurt children by defunding somewhere like SHRINERS KIDS HOSPITALS but give money to BACK ALLEY CLINICS. The Swamp is the LOTTO WINNER off the taxpayer. Democrats learned trick from naming party Democratic and nothing is DEMOCRAT ABOUT DEMOCRAT. PFFT Joke is on you. ALL OF YOU.

  4. Its not just the Democrat Party its the people inside the Democrat Party who are racist. All the Democrat Party People wants is power, they don't care about anything else, they don't care who dies or how many people die, they don't who gets hurt, all the care about is power.

  5. yeah democrats are horrible, unlike the republicans that during the Transcontinental Railroad being built hired outsourced help to force American citizens off their own property if they didn't bend the knee with a little amount of money that ether was only a part of what the government was supposed to offer them cause the hired shady mercenaries/businessmen had spent part of it or none at all and threatened to rape, pillage, and kill people and just say they must have moved " on their own accord " and keep the money that was supposed to go to them all the while some higher-up in the government knew this and looked the other way and in some cases even also took profit from this disgusting behavior. which resulted in local farmers and small business owners in the affected areas taking up arms and creating their own political group to combat the republican menace profiting on the death and destruction of people in the south and mid west all for the glory, money, and political gratification

  6. The ClintonObamaBiden families all were slave owners. Go figure. Sheep follow your herd to slaughter. So brainwashed they could care less about facts. To road to hell is paved with good intentions.

  7. What this comes down to is stupid people and people with brains in their heads.
    I used to run with junkies. I have an education. Without it, I did a lot of reading anyway and my memory is so fucking good that I spent a few years contemplating electric shock therapy to curb its excess superior functioning.
    That's not bragging. You have a memory like that, you know it. If you don't, count your blessings because there ain't much use for it.
    In any event, we all got high, talk about this and that in between nods. I learned long before, where talking turns to shouting, I don't want anything to do with it.
    Yeah, you're right. Got a smoke?
    Sit around and watch Jeopardy with anyone. Maybe including yourself, it's pretty substantial, the things ordinary people don't know about history.
    I mean, why would they. Who cares.
    So it's not like we are teeming with historians here in the states. We have many academic historians, they don't approach history in terms of the modern, fully radical democratic party.
    You may think different, but go take a college level history course. Professors, at the beginning of the semester, will explain to their students… This isn't judgment of historical events. This is the events themselves. If there's something any student wants to discuss beyond the events, please let me know after class.
    It always ended, in my day anyway, with, We have a lot of material to cover, so we need to go through it in a timely manner.
    The thing about a lot of material to cover? That was an understatement. If you missed a day of class and didn't get the notes from that day from another student or the professor, you would probably find a blank spot corresponding to the lecture you missed in your blue book essay exams.
    The average Joe on the street, it's nothing to him. Maybe he's got a more practical STEM degree.
    There will not come a time when the facts of history before the modern trend of revision no longer exist.
    I made a prediction in a book I wrote that I couldn't sell. I figured, the oldest writing in the course of human existence was discovered, most of it would be business transactions. I think the same of the off-limits Vatican archives.
    The first guess turned out to be on the money. Cuneiform writing, a good lot of it, it's been translated and it's a lot of what we call today "paperwork."
    Boy, if you lived back then and you could make symbols of wedge-shaped impressions in clay, you were making yourself a good living. If you wrote a distinctly original book today, you can spend your days soliciting literary agents who "feel like this one's not for me."
    History's not going anywhere except on the surface level. Where you have marginally literate members of street mobs, they've memorized a few dates that reflect well on their nonsense arguments about the evils of men with all evil men being white.
    You will not find yourself, most likely you will never find yourself in a sensible discussion which attempts to draw broad and narrow conclusions about any period in history carried out by two or more people discussing that subject.
    It has its place. It's simply not of any primary importance. Whatever shit the "social sciences" are pulling out of serious history, everyone on earth is sick to fucking death of Americans and "race."
    A more favorable assessment of this nonsense, this Whitey Goan Pay shit that's gonna end up in mass incarceration… I know these are people I want nothing to do with.
    You get to that point, you're not so much judging by individuals, or judging individuals. All you're doing is freeing up space in your mind for anything else to occupy. If it comes down to interacting with people of whatever background, you pretty much know, after meeting these people a few times, if you want to know them or if you don't.
    What some asshole in Alice Springs thinks about me, how the fuck would I even begin to give a fuck.
    NOTE: I have a standing offer to anyone interested in assisting in my departure from humanity before death, give me a very reasonable sum of money and a long cruise to Down Under, where I will make my way to the center of that giant island continent where sits Alice Springs.
    It is the very definition of The Middle of Nowhere. Google a map of it.

  8. Take down every picture of democratic presidents also since they contributed to slavery just like they say I should pay reparations to descendants of slavery even though I am Hispanic and never owned slaves and let’s dig up what politicians voted to install these statues ( Democrats)

  9. Ever since the cancel-culture started, I've been waiting for someone with a platform to propose banning the Democrat Party, for their historical racist coercion. Has any Democrat leader ever apologized for the Party's past crimes? Are they offering their own funds for reparations?
    Banning the Democrat Party sounds like a joke, but consider this elephant-in-the-room fact: political parties are private organizations, like the Boy Scouts or Microsoft. There's no legal reason why they couldn't be legally disbanded. It's actually peculiar that the private-organization political parties have such a stranglehold on virtually all of the public governments in the United States.

  10. All conservatives need to get behind this to make it obvious to the public the history of the democrats. And there is the thing the democrats had a senator who was KKK uptil 2010 and he was the head of the KKK who voted against the civil rights act.

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  12. Half the Confederate states seceded because the other states were not allowed to secede. As Lee said "I see no glory in a Union that has to preserve itself by force". It was more complex than "nerrrr, slavery". Small number of Confederate soldiers owned slaves, there were abolitionists serving in the Confederacy. Lee and Jackson were among those opposed to slavery. I could go on and on, but slavery was the precipitating issue. It was specifically over the movement of slaves into territories, not yet states that seemed to be the main issue. Tensions were so bad in the West the war had already broken out in Kansas and Missouri. However, slavery wasn't what animated those soldiers in the Confederate Army. They fought because an invading army was sent to their states. If you had asked a Confederate or Union veteran if the war was over slavery, they'd likely agree on "no".

  13. If we're going to take down the statues, it only makes sense to take down the party of slavery itself. Let the lefties self-identify into a million new parties.

  14. It’s not the racist democrat party’s job to sanitize America. That’s God’s job! One heart at a time! You’re wickedness is overwhelming and wrong! Thank you Congressman Louie Gohmer for banning the Democrat Party! It’s time. Obama is a Marxist/socialists and what we see now in America is his Hope and Change message he was talking about during his administration and his campaign. Obama hates America as is and is connected to G Soros to accomplish his will on America! Wake up America! The democrats have done enough evil to our country!
    Black American Patriot

  15. I think the Confederate battle flag is a cool design, but it and all the Confederate "hero" statues should be taken out of public places for the simple reason that it basically glorifies treason. The Confederacy was a group of TRAITORS, regardless of the slavery question, patriotic Americans shouldn't glorify them in my opinion. Would be like erecting a statue of Hitlery Clinton 100 years from now and pretending she was a stand-up person.

  16. It won't stick, because the Democrats just move the goalposts or redefine terms whenever they're losing. However, it's still gold and I wish I could see their expressions when they realized what they allowed to be opened up upon them. B)

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