Democrats Won’t Accept the Election Result, if 2016 is an Indicator


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  1. Styx I drop in here once every 2 weeks or so. It has finally dawned on you that they plan to massively rig the election? Really? Whatever gave you that idea? Maybe you finally stumbled across one of my posts over the last 4 months arguing the same? Welcome to the new reality friend, now what do you intend to advocate doing?

  2. although there is probably 40% of Americans that are brainwashed I think Trump will win. Demoncrats already stated they will cheat by "the fires, destruction will end after biden is in office. we will never concede. we will wait until all invalid votes are calculated so we win. etc"

  3. Honest question: If you receive a mail in ballot, and then turn it in to a physical office (i.e., not send it through the Post Office), is that really a less secure method of voting than the traditional method, as it pertains to the integrity of that one specific vote? It seems to me that if election officials wanted to identify certain kinds of voters, they could do it simply by discriminating against those who voted with the mail-in ballot, versus those who decided to vote in person. If both sides are using mail-in ballots and not trusting the Post Office, doesn't that make it much harder to determine who's voting for what, at least on a surface level?

  4. Styx, one of the best analogies to mail in voting I have heard is this…. Put $500 in a double envelope… and mail it to someone. Would you trust it?

  5. Not to put to fine a point on it, but everyone who has been paying attention has known that Democrats aren't going to accept the results since Inauguration Day 2017.

  6. I mean if it is this easy for them to just rig the election, and they have that ability, then what is the point? I mean if it was that easy to rig, and they have all the means in place- what is the point of even going through the charade of an election

  7. Democrats won't accept the results…yeah fucking right. THAT IS LITERALLY IMPOSSIBLE! They've shown nothing but honesty, integrity, and a deep, abiding love the the United States of America and all it's institutions.

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  9. So we have all heard for 4 years “trump is not my president” all over social media, but when trump wins this fall trump voters won’t be able to say “trump is my president”? Should that be something people have the right to say even if it’s wrong? And if Facebook is limiting that but not limiting people saying “he’s not my president” isn’t the clear political editing?

  10. They have been setting the stage for a biden win and planting distrust in trump. Everyone I know that pays attention fully expects the dems to cheat and thinks mail in ballots are as you said " a steaming pile of bs" and tool to cheat.

  11. How the hell did mail in ballots become legal? It is ludicrous to count votes in the mail. When you vote absentee, you still have to go to a voting booth.

  12. Stable Genius Trump brilliantly is appointing Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. What will this accomplish? 1. A coalition of southern black ministers/churches just praised Barrett as a great pick, based on her character and religious convictions. There goes the Dem Blue Wall of southern black votes. 2. Right before the election, voters will see the anarchy/riots/meltdowns over her appointment. The ugliness to come with doxxing of her supporters, riots in the Senate and Supreme Court buildings, and nonstop CNN/Pelosi/MSNBC/Harris-Biden anti-Catholic screeds will be quite the show for voters.

    Make popcorn – stay calm.

  13. The contested mail-ins will put the results b4 the Supreme Court. With Barrett, a Trojan horse deep state op'tive, the Court could very well flip thw results to Biden. Thats why the Legacy media kept pushing Barrett.