Dems BLAME Third Parties, Voters For Their Failures | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar talk about the Dems response to Andrew Yang’s Forward Party launch that shows how liberals blame third parties and voters when they are unsuccessful

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  1. Liberal elites don't care about democracy. They care about authority. I don't agree with Krystal that much, but she made a great point about how Democrats claim to care about democracy, except when the votes go against them. Then, you see their true colors. Then there's no accountability to ever be seen. Then it's the Russians, or voter suppression, or "selected not elected" or whatever BS claim they come up with. The hypocrisy is blatant and shameful.

  2. Third party, what are you talking about? There is the party in Washington that is bought and paid for and works for the one percent and nothing else but a small vocal minority who don't have the numbers to be able to work for the 99% of us in the majority.

  3. I think when they called and purposely misrepresented themselves as anything other than Democrats, that is when they broke a law. It's goes into the same part of the law as slander or plagiarism. Purposly misrepresenting yourself to make the real party in question look bad or dishonest.
    But with that, we all know that powerful people in politics always have a fall guy in place. That way they can still play their dirty games, keep in power and earn lots of money. While we sit there with our hands tied behind our backs fuming that the system is broken.

  4. 100% you can blame the greens for getting Trump elected. Jill Stein attended a dinner where she sat at a very small table with Putin and Mike Flynn. You can also blame Nader for getting Bush elected. The Green Party are bad actors. Hillary won by 3 million votes. She lost because of the EC and the Green Party wanted that to happen. BTW, covering this story – an attack on the Dems – instead of covering the fascism at CPAC makes it very clear that you two are right wing fascists.

  5. BTW, until you cover the hearings and what went on at CPAC, you have no moral grounding to say the Dems are anti-democratic. You refuse to stand up against open fascism. At core, you two want to weaken the Dems. Its obvious is how little coverage you give to the extreme right wing fascism of the GOP. You are also quite silent when it comes to Tucker Carlson who is also openly racist and fascist.

    BTW, no one is more insecure than you two. You dont cover the extreme fascism of the right because your income depends on extreme right wing paying subscribers.
    And in this country at this time, people who are not fascists feel very insecure. The GOP is led by a sociopathic liar. CPAC (which Saggar attended in 2020) runs the GOP and is openly right wing fascist and racist. And you two are silent because to speak up would hit your revenue hard. You are in it for the money.

  6. I'm all about it. The two party system is a joke. Both parties are the definition of corrupt at this point. I hope other people feel the same way. Eff these two parties, time to show these two parties WE shouldn't be answering to them, they should be answering to us.

  7. "It's Susan Sarandon's fault!" She hasn't done anything lately. "It's Andrew Yang's fault!" Polls don't show him with that much influence. "It's third parties' fault!" sigh Fine. We'll look into it. Can you just do something for normal people while we do that? "No!!! Because of third parties!"

  8. Don't worry Kyrstal. Your 🐑 will always vote Blue no matter what. Your collectivist cult will always do whatever you want. Cheer up 🙂 Now, get ready to vote for Biden or Kamala in 2024 even if it's some guy like DeSantis or Rand Paul on the opposite side. Remember every GOP guy is an authoritarian fascist and Nazi, and Biden and Kamala or even Newsom will save you from these monsters 👻 👽 😱

  9. Breaking Points has literally one narrative: everything is awful, everything is getting worse all the time, the west will always lose everything no matter what, everyone running every western country is 100% nefarious/and or 100% incompetent. When facts don’t match that narrative they ignore them or cherry pick irrelevant peripheral narratives to support that narrative. The Democrats are still terrible, that’s true, but it’ll be interesting to see how they react to their two recent major legislative victories. I’m assuming ignore or misrepresent them but hope I’m surprised.

  10. Just want to point out that Krystal said that the Dems calling signatories and asking if they wanted to remove their names from the petition wasn't illegal… Which is true, but she forgot to mention that when they claimed to be volunteers with the Green party, that actually IS illegal. I imagine she just forgot to mention that part, but it doesn't really matter anyway, because those who illegally misrepresented the Green party will never be held to account.

  11. THE BOTTOM LINE IS, the majority of Americans and small business (95%+) needs a party to represent them, since we still call this country a representative democracy. The Democrats and Republicans serve the needs of the multinationals of billionaires, largest banks, corporations, private equities, and are so busy and knee deep in with them, they have no time for the country, and neither party represents the majority. Therefore … the people need to hire actual representation. MEANING NEW PARTIES ARE NEEDED, SOON. We lose more and more by the year.

  12. Of course the corporate owned Dem party is going this way, it's nothing new. It needs to be called out though, but voters are ultimately the ones who keep supporting these corrupt Dem candidates and the party! You need to realize this people.

  13. I despise the Republicans but as a life long Democrat voter I am disgusted with the Democrats on so many fronts I can’t see myself supporting any national candidates from the current line up. Give me another choice. Give me something to wake up the Dems to clean house and get in line with what voters want. Yang may not be it, but it’s a start. Shake things up!

  14. Fascism and fascist factions are controlling both major political parties…
    Being to the left of Authoritarian Republicans does not mean that the corporate Democrats are anywhere near the center of the political spectrum… which is where a Democratic Constitutional Republic should be…

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