Dems Bring In TV EXECS To Produce Primetime Jan 6 Hearings | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar look at the primetime January 6th committee hearings being produced by cable news execs spearheading the production value of the primetime hearings on cable news

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Ross Barkan:

Written by Breaking Points


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  1. my favorite part is how certain people all of a sudden want to talk about economic policy.
    welcome to America, where administration's don't do anything to help its citizens in any meaningful way and corporations are catered too, always. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️🤦🤷🏿
    people call progressives crazy.

  2. Democrats hardly ever have a good solution or idea. A bunch of bloviating narcissists. They won’t change, just like their voters who somehow are incapable of thinking critically as to why they would vote for do nothing or do it worse Democrats? Not saying Republicans are better, but they at least won’t stoop to the low levels these Democrats do constantly. Facts and evidence.

  3. "Yes the committee has found evidence of concerted planning and premeditated activity…." First though: How many people travel to DC without premeditated planning? Second thought: Are they talking about people like Ray Epps?

  4. 74 million people liked trump of course he couldnt go against him. also the impeachment was stupid they had nothing and wasted tax payers dollars like they always do.

  5. Typical DNC thinking: If we just get the messaging right, surely it'll sway the American people.

    No morons, you have to DO something or everyone will forget when the news cycle moves on in 2-3 days maximum.

  6. Yes, because you think an Insurrection is business as usual. But this isn't. And just because you are 30 something doesn't mean you know everthing. If you start ooking at Congress as just people, you will see that some of them are trying to save our Democracy. And while flippantly assuming that the American people would rather think about other things sounds just like FOX. Please, just wake up from all your "opinions" and thinking you are great and notice what is really happening. If this isn't stopped, opinions will not matter, I face you will be thrown in prison for having them. Our whole country will implode.

  7. Yes, it would everything should be perfect, but it isn't. You are living on some other planet. This whole thing with Trump is not about politics, it is about Facism. Your sense of apathy is misplaced. It is not all about you.

  8. The Titans of entertainment!! These people controlled 99% of this market and have completely failed and lost most of it and they're still being touted for their industry expertise? Lol

  9. This is proof that these hearings are nothing more than political theater. There will be nothing of substance that will come from these hearings and there will be no punishment for the members of congress that participated in the insurrection. This just a stage for the Dems to throw darts at the Repubs and vise versa.

  10. There are two kinds of responses in this thread that infuriate me. The first being "look at all these other problems, and THIS is what they choose to focus on?" as though an insurrection isn't worth investigating, trying, and punishing those involved. Yes, it is worth that time.

    The second are the people who use Krystal's tone at the end: that it was an open question how close this coup was being successful. It was extremely close. Do you honestly think the military is going to listen to General Milley over their current commander-in-chief during a time of martial law? That's exactly what would have happened had the insurrectionists that attacked the Capitol been successful in killing the elected officials there. They were close, it's not an "open question".

  11. One thing I would disagree with, they seem to make the argument that people have generally seen all they need to by this point. I would argue that there would probably be a lot more civility gained if more of the "supercuts" were widely shown and shared. I think there would probably be a lot of people that would temper their feelings on Jan 6, seeing that a lot of people were hapless idiots as well as a lot were no better than any other rioters. From there I think people wouldn't be so quick to dismiss and paint the other side as…well "others". Just my two cents.

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