Dems Censure Sinema, Showing They Have Learned Nothing and Don’t Understand What Senators Do

She is probably enjoying the attention anyways:

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  1. I'm amazed that they would do this. The senate is running as it was intended to run, this senator chose to vote to allow the senate to run as it was supposed to run and the democrats are censuring them for it.

  2. The Democrats always overplay their hands. Since they’ve made it absolutely clear they will remove the filibuster just as soon as they can, then the Republicans should beat them to it after the midterms. Push through everything they want once they have all the power. Whether they agree with the filibuster or not, the Dems are gonna do it anyway as soon as they can. Beat them at their own bs games.

  3. In 2020 the Democrats used the filibuster 327 times compared to the Republicans 1 time, which shows that they want to get rid of it today for selfish purposes in hopes to pass unpopular legislation

  4. I absolutely love this American kid 👏👏👏
    🤔 Tina that's her real name ( she was an intern 2 )
    🤣🍻 it's hilarious to watch them eat each other but in the meantime everybody else is suffering and dying and being infected between the EARS

  5. Funny how the democratic party wants to place itself above the will of the voters.

    Absolutely concur with senate selection via state house.

    And while we're pie-in-the-skying, how about a federal injunction banning all lobbyists from the District of Columbia? Force them back to the districts, so they have to meet with members like regular citizens.

  6. They keep censuring people which means other people have to pick up the slack so eventually they will have way to much on their plates and get absolutely nothing done which isn't hard when it's the left anyway.

  7. Sinema and Manchin are essentially Christ-like figures within their party. They took the hits so that Dems in vulnerable districts didn't have to. I think there are other Democrats who would have voted No on BBB, and would've opposed ending the filibuster, but now they don't have to. They saved their party.

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