Dems DEMANDED Twitter Find Phony Russiagate Evidence!

Some of the revelations to come out of the so-called “Twitter Files” are pretty shocking, especially in the way they describe an intimate partnership of censorship between government agencies and social media platforms. In the latest data dump, journalist Matt Taibbi discusses the remarkable discovery that following the 2016 election Democratic Senator Mark Warner had actively badgered Twitter representatives to drum up examples of Russian bots on the platform spreading pro-Trump propaganda.

Guest host Aaron Maté and Taibbi discuss the problems involved in a sitting U.S. Senator making demands that a social media platform generate evidence to support a baseless conspiracy theory promoted by a powerful political party.

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  1. Obama and Clinton assumption of disinformation controlling the outcome of the 2016 election assumes Democrats are easy to manipulate and incapable of critical thinking. They did get that right, look who they chose in the 2016 and 2020 Primaries.

  2. 😂 😂 😂
    Or do you remember the meme about Masturbation?
    "you can't hold Jesus hand" like this!
    These memes somehow swing the election!
    What a BS!
    And it was obvious (if you don't watch MSMedia, and if you do some research for yourself)

  3. Aaron you do a great job, but you come across a little bit monotone at times. Dont be afraid to raise your energy level and get animated. Some of this stuff is mind blowing and you don't look like your mind has been blown. Lol

  4. Who cares if Russia was involved. Didn't the Clinton foundation and Biden's son receive money for Russians for the sale of Uranium and selling political favors? Doesn't every outside government have a stake in US politics as well as the global economy? Another fake wrestling match like Democrats and Republicans use to rally a simple-minded base with intentions of furthering their financial and political agenda.

  5. So basically Mark Warner was saying Twitter management does not understand how their own platform works and we know better how Twitter works. We don't have any evidence that their investigation was inadequate or that they did not tke it seriously but we know these things are true and the poof is that they did not find many Russian bot accounts. This explains why when Twitter started banning people like crazy many real people had their accounts terminated and when they appealed they were told their accounts were identified as bot accounts. Twitter was literally telling real people your banned for being a Russian bot even though you are clearly a real person.

  6. Mark Warner literally used the I know it's true because we read it on Facebook line . We know there were Russian bot accounts on Twitter because Facebook told us they were.

  7. The "Russia gate" frenzy did not only "occupy America" for years. It was the "parallel regime" continuation, during Trump's tenure, of the 2014 Ukraine coup project of Obumma/Biden effected by the Dem Party the deep state and their media lackeys. It was immediately resumed directly by President Dirty Harry when he took office in 2021 and that now has us closer than ever before to nuclear war with Russia.

  8. I think the real story here is how they’ve admitted they believe social media alone has the power to brainwash people, when up until recently with Twitter they had complete control over all platforms.

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