Dems FLEE Congress As Polls Show Armageddon For Biden | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar review the new polling data on the issues most important to the American people heading into 2022 and how congressional Dems are responding to potentially losing the majority

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  1. The best thing Biden can do for the economy is to keep doing what he does so a whole bunch of democrats lose their office to republicans in the midterms.

    Biden is out of touch with people who work for a living.

  2. Even at the Hill your content was more than a little sensationalism-over-substance but still a decent source of multiple-perspective journalism. Since your move to your own channel you have gone off the reservation with the sheer click-baity-ness of modern Yellow Journalism. I am sorry to say that you have lost a subscriber.

  3. history has told us over and over democrats are damaging to economy. Biden's admin is by far the worst. I blame ignorant voters for placing him in the white house. you've been fooled by dems lies and media.

  4. "Neoliberal brain disease" …
    I like it! … Do you suppose, since the D. party is every bit as much of the Iron Triangle as the R. party , that they simply don't care which of them have the majority or the white house for that matter? As long as the status quo remains in tact ,the financial incentives keep coming either way.

  5. Mail everyone who files an income tax return 10 free tests. Plus 6 more per dependent on their return. How goddamned difficult is that? Mail everyone who gets a W-2 4 free tests. You work two jobs and get 2 W-2s? You get 8 free tests. Simple as Hell.

  6. They are leaving because they know everything is going to fall apart. They have already made themselves rich while in office and became filthy rich during covid giving each other PPE money. They are going to retire with all their wealth, watching from the safety of their gated and guarded mansions, playing innocent as they leave their replacement to handle the collapse of the system.

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