Dems FREAK Latinos May Not Show Up For Newsom In Recall Election

Saagar and guest host Marshall Kosloff provide the latest on the California recall election and Larry Elder’s chances against Gavin Newsom. Just as a reminder, Krystal is on vacation and she will be back next Thursday.

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  1. Saw an editor on Buzzfeed (apparently some older woman among my generation i.e. millenials) screaming on their IG stories today for people to show up and vote 'NO' on the Newsom recall, citing that Elder will repeal mask+vax mandates(possibly some implicit allusion to lockdowns as well), made me gag a little. Hey, I don't really agree with Larry Elder's political views personally, but y'all at MSM & the Dem establishment ain't that much better either!

  2. I wish Saagar would not be rooting for California to get a man in power who opposes the minimum wage -_- What is wrong with you Saagar? Obviously Newsom is worthless, but anything is better than Elder. Elder would be a disaster for working class people. I thought you cared about us? At least more than the TMZ political spectacle that would come out of it. We all want Gavin Newsom to eat shit, but not at the expense of regular people.

  3. Larry Elder was the person Rave Dubin said “challenged” his views the most on systemic racism as he had no answers to his accusations that it doesn’t exist. 🤦 Good god if the recall fails Dems better find someone to primary him next year big time.

  4. Saagar and Krystal, I've heard you both say how important policy really is over interview/sound clips/tweets, etc. I completely agree with you. Can you please focus a show on how liberal policies (everywhere) in the US have proven to be unsustainable? I'm talking from economics, housing, crime, etc. Thank you so much and keep up the good work.

  5. I dont know about Larry Elder peaking too early, because what I've seen seems like he's actually rising. Given the negative media attention Elder's received seems to confirm he's a growing threat to Newsome.

  6. Honestly, this is about holding Newsom accountable for his corruption. With a 75% Democratic supermajority in the Legislature, a Republican Governor won’t be able to do ANYTHING and will be voted out in a year.

  7. Newsom said that if he wins the recall, he will reform California's recall rules for those who come after him. Our recall elections in California are insane. 49% can vote no on the recall, and we can end up with a new Governor who has less than 30% of the vote. The new Governor could have 6% of the vote. Even less, depending on how many candidates are splitting the vote. It's totally insane and because of this, I am completely against any recall here in California. Unless the current Governor murders someone, commits treason, or is caught embezzling, I'll vote no on any recall election, regardless of whether or not I like them.

  8. I don't think Kamala Harris or Joe Biden coming to California to help Newsom will be very helpful. California voted for Bernie. Kamala couldn't even get 10% of our vote in the Primary. We are a progressive state, and they are Neoliberals.

  9. The corruption and greed is pervasive on both sides. i am not voting at all and i used to think it was one of our greatest honors. The reps and the dems are 2 sides of the same coin and the coin works only to destabilize and weaken it's people for the central bank that controls it. The privately owned central banks that have been given the authorisation, by their wholly owned politicians to create money out of thin air, care only about the power, the power to keep their knee on the neck of every living thing while claiming ownership of everything else.

  10. Larry Elder's rise wasn't part of the plan, so to speak. The electable Republican was supposed to be Kevin Faulconer and I do think that, if Republicans suppress their more base instincts, Faulconer could be formidable against Gavin Newsom in a one-on-one matchup. But no, I guess Republicans aren't going for him.

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