Dems Go Full Imperialist To Own Trump

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  1. I think she could have done the smear a little bit better. Just say Trump is soft when it comes to the military and foreign affairs. Biden is the one keeping America secure and Trump is the one negotiating our sovereignty with the Chinese and Russians.

  2. Wait a minute, are you telling me Susan Rice is not a republican? Remember, Biden did say he would consider a republican VP. lmao!

  3. how am i not embarresed by russia gating: because i refer to oligarch lobbyists for the NRA and ties to trump's business and the wiki leaks material ONLY not anything else the lying corporate dems say because that was what russia gate was. thanks to the dems deliberately not perusing the dark money (because their lobbysts would get caught too) they have gone full republican muddying the waters with anything is a russia gate because they don't care about crime it's just a political tool. so now these lies after the fact enables real old crimes to be dismissed and make people like kyle say "it's crying wolf no crimes ever happened ever" if anything else happens because nobody keeps track or pays attention so criminals get away with shit.

  4. The only thing that Kyle said is that the two party system is nothing more than an illusion, the people are being played for fools by those that control "both" sides of the same coin!!! We live in an oligarchy that is dominated by the military industrial complex, Trump wanted to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and got cock blocked by the house and congress and the same goes for Syria and Iraq etc etc etc so don't tell me that the president of the united states is the most powerful man in the world!!!

  5. Anyone seriously naive or delusional enough to be surprised? Reactionary, conservative, "centrist", "progressive", they're all Liberals and they all hold to the same fundamentals. There are obviously some deviations that get lumped or lump themselves into US "Progressivism" but it's far from a majority by any stretch. The faction that won out and has firmly been in control since before 1776 is a top-down, authoritarian, elitist, hegemonic, imperialist, xenophobic, chauvinist, supremacist, and destructive ideology of total domination of the planet, it's people and resources.

    Maybe you skim and cherry pick some Chomsky to back particular arguments you've married yourself to, but he goes on to explain that the cause of that imperialism is capitalism, wealth and resource hording, power, the nation state, the structure of the state where it's almost melded into a hybrid beast of state and governance, centralization, etc, and that the answers are dismantling those systems, institutions, culture, identities and social relations. Things ya don't advocate. It does us no good to simply understand what's going on to a degree of we aren't addressing the how, why and what to do. You're intent on using "the master's tools to dismantle the master's house", but even then only partially, and you ignore the fact that the master's tools only build cages. You go around pointing at the cage and chains and your solution is a bigger cage and longer chains where someone like Chomsky says burn the cage, break the chains, build a world that requires neither master or slave. It's mad disrespectful to take someone's shit outta context for your own ends. And it's borderline delusional to stick to failed ideas that are inefficient and unethical to begin with. It's one thing to advocate short-term, stop-gap measures to better lives and reduce misery immediately but it's another thing entirely to embrace those half-steps and Band-Aids as a solution. Until people can face the reality of the world we live in we won't see any real change. Just continued misery and despotism.


  6. Trump doesnt take troops home, he takes them from Germany closer to the Russian boder, to Poland. No savings for Americans, no Peace for Europe. Certainly no deescalation.

  7. We have troops in Germany and Japan. Also we send so to Israel. If you disagree and agree with trump then you are wrong. Let's be honest trump is wrong most of the time, but a flea finds a dogs ass 50% of the time.

  8. First of. Europeans in general don’t want American troops in their land. Also what would 10 thousands troops help? Nothing, nor would they do anything anyways if invaded. They’d only sit in their camps and wait.