Dems Illegally Kick 3rd Party Off Ballot In North Carolina

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  1. No. Political Parties are ultimate voter suppression. They are Mafia, Mob Rule, Parallel construction, they are sedition and they are high treason. Nothing in the Constitution about political parties. Everyone, get your heads out of your as ses.

  2. 3rd parties aren't set up to win anything in the current (long-running) Wall St-controlled broken system .. What needs to happen is old fashioned republicans & democrats need to merge into the right wing nut "republicratic party" .. That will open the door for a fresh new opposition party, if we can get enough progressives & moderates to support it.

  3. Assuming the Democrats succeed in keeping the Green Party off the ballot in North Carolina, all supporters of the Green Party should vote Republican and inform the Democratic Party that they did so afterwards, so the Democrats think twice about ever pulling these shenanigans again.

  4. Dems and Repubs realizing what WE voters mean to both part establishments – a way for filthy rich bureaucrats & life long Sen & Cong critters to stay in office new party will arise on left new part on right and all the talking points and old playbook narratives will not deter or talk us out of it anymore

  5. Where i live (NL) if party A gets 45 % of the votes, party B gets 15%, And party C gets 40%, then party B and C can form a government together where party A will be the opposition with 45% of the votes. Is it really winner takes all in America? what is you have 8 parties with 11% of the votes each, does that mean the one party with 12% of the votes gets to be boss for 4 years? maybe you guys need to change the system. (good luck with that!)

  6. The US electoral system is a mess. In the UK anyone can appear on the Ballot if they pay their fee, period. This says so much about the US corrupt electoral process; keep everyone off the ballot unless your are one of two, Dem or a Rep.

  7. Both sides are doing this. They kicked off Robby Starbuck from the TN ballot because he was MAGA and an advocate for trump. Both sides have they’re infighting against the Gen X / Millenials trying to upstage the old guard boomers who are fighting to the death (and killing they’re own) to hold power.

  8. Dems/Cons neither one are interested in a 3rd party…. because we are already well established and we take from both parties and many independents too. Let it grow! (and it is not the Green, Libertarian, or Progressive, feel free to discuss these groups and wish… it is the only one who has American values, traditions, and patriotism for this country, God and family, constitution, and just laws for all….GUESS WHO!)

  9. Dems & GOP WILL NEVER ALLOW A THIRD PARTY! Why? Because the third party could and would be the deciding Party when it comes to votes. We would get rid of Citizens United overnight, make financial purchasing of Politicians and Judges useless, make Term Limits a reality and finally have a party working for Americans.

  10. It's really, really easy to communicate electronically with the NC State Board Elections chairman if you feel so inclined to redress your government. I'll see if I can get past the YT censors:

    damon(period symbol)circosta(period symbol)board(at symbol)ncsbe(period symbol)gov

    Have fun and be polite. Or don't, what do I care.

  11. The only true 3rd party is the America First movement. Trump wasn’t a Republican/Democrat.. he wasn’t apart of the club and that’s why they wanted him out.. we need a POTUS that puts AMERICA first.. policies matter and Trump’s America First policies made us stronger and better off.. ANYONE that’s not lying to themselves can see it so clearly.. ppl might be mad but of things like roe/wade..but essentially limited government is best and states should decide.. that’s the core of democracy.

  12. Vote out these Judges by referendum, it’s our own fault!!! We’ve allowed this much too long.! Judicial Branch rules must be rewritten and powered by A Citizens Voter Bloc. … which doesn’t exists, but should.

  13. Never forget they/the police told Ralph Nader he would be arrested for attending the debates.

    On July 4th, know you are not living in a democracy in the U.S.A.

  14. vote third party, or withhold your vote in 22 and 24! donate to planned parenthood and independent media like Jimmy Dore and Due Dissidence instead, don't give money to these democrats asking for donations.

  15. American democracy will go in history as a joke. You will be called in some hundred years by historians a "dictatorship shared by two parties."

  16. I think a mid-term boycott is in order, we can push for a true 2nd party in 2024, right now everyone's burnt out from Covid and all the other shit, any new party or consolidated party in 2024 would really be for elections later. 
    This has to be sustained

  17. garuntee you that the same fukkers are behind the fraud ballots. i'd bet my ass, cok and balls on it.

    thinks… wellll… ok i won't bet that on it but still, ok i'll bet my cat on it (hoping im wrong now. fukn mutt annoys me more than anyhing) lol

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