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  1. We need to get rid of the first-past-the-post voting system. We should have moved to an instant runoff voting system a long time ago so that people can actually vote for who they want to.

  2. Plain n simple Democrats should be studying, learning from the progressive candidate who won in Mass. and what, how and why she won vs the stale corporate democrats that can’t put 1 n 2 together. Democrats can’t accomplish 1 thing, one, they can’t, the flopped when they had a super majority with Obama and still they failed.

    Today they have the Senate, Congress and the White House and still they lose. Think about this for a second, Republicans from a weaker position, having lost the White House, lost Georgia Senate seats and are in the minority in Congress, moved quick to pass supresión laws across most states.SCOTUS nearly repealed Roe V Wade. So this is precisely why they lose and will continue to lose, because of the lack of accepting the truth and call it like it is, the Democratic candidate was not compelling, did not, could not articulate a message that we the voters could stand behind. They will never say that in MSM.

    Accepting or wishing for that type of analysis from MSM is like expecting an apple tree to grow oranges, not gonna happen.

  3. Funny how so much of the left is focused on mandating jabs but aren't holding biden accountable for not delivering a public option like he promised. How about instead of OSHA mandating a jab, OSHA mandates Medicare4all for employers to provide

  4. Tks, task, tsk, as long as the American folk, no matter who one is, black, white, brown, yellow or red, rich, super rich, poor, homeless, olde heart, young, young at heart, employed, employee, unemployed, male, or female, as long as we vote with hate, apathy and indifference in our thoughts and feelings, we likewise get in return leaders, who are in our own choosing who feel and think with apathy, hate, indifference and racism.
    So look not with hate, apathy, greed, and indifference towards those who one wish to lead a nation, nor a state, city or captain or sheriff position in one's country but search for those who exhibit and lead by example the high values of love, peace, harmony and freedom. This way we all can be and live in a country that respects all Americans no matter who we be, what our world view is or how we see each other. So make peace with your fellow Americans, see reality for what it is, not what is narrated for you to "believe" into. Think consciously for one's self, this way you the individual can be a part of society and not just a parrot of the common weekly narrative. Wake up from belief and believing so that everyone can think consciously for one's self and build a better country by being and defining ourselves what it means to be a fellow American and thus also a fellow Earth human being.

  5. How could you have left out how the Lincoln Project used a stunt days before the election that saw “white supremacists” with tiki torches show up at a Youngkin rally pretending to support him?

    You also left out many other strikes that were mandate specific like JPL, healthcare workers, etc… it’s more than a little bit of both it’s a lot a bit of both

    Kind of disappointed new to the show and was hoping for more in depth analysis though I do appreciate the pushback on the bogus narratives

  6. Never fear voting 3rd party or be ashamed if you do, the ones that are really wasting their votes are the ones pulling for the duopoly. You owe NO ONE your vote. Sh!tlibs can cry foul all they want but if the dems refuse to help working people and the poor, might as well have a republican. The dems need to feel the heat to get them off of this corporate ran money train the Clintons made so popular.

  7. I'm guessing fraps comes from the French frappe, with the upwards slash accent on the E at the end, which means chilled.

    I really think that a certain amount of the degeneration of online discourse towards tribalistic name-calling, as with anti-anti-jab culture warring, has to do with the presence of adolescents on platforms contributing the lowest common denominator of picking a tribe and then endlessly parroting slogans with no nuance or real knowledge or thinking about anything, to try to sound dominant. Especially with culture-war rubbish, it's too easy a trap to fall into to do what the right wants, which is to get into fights for identity politics and whatever else that's relatively marginal to either what political policies can do (the state cannot make people Christians, for instance, so there's no point voting for politicians promising to make the place Christian again, because that's just not something government is any good at and is the exclusive business of evangelists: the same applies to all kinds of cultural objectives liberals may have) or what has the mass appeal required to win elections and potentially change the country, which is material class interests.

    Kids don't know better, and cultural slogans seem like what's going on and something they can do something about by posting slogans. You can't change people's wages or re-house anyone by posting. But kids, and dumbass shit-libs in general, imagine they can change minds about cultural stuff by yelling, and it's utterly futile and counter-productive. Whenever shit-libs try to impose message discipline, trying to censor and shut down socialists on the explicit or implicit theory that you win by all saying the same, they're making the same mistake, because it's almost always culture war they want to fight rather than working for real material redistribution and system change.

    Anytime you want to talk about Boston at length, that's an opportunity to close with a snippet or an echo of Dropkick Murphys version of Workers Song.

  8. They are ALL, In On It! MSM, anderson Cooper & joy reid , etc., are IN ON IT! anderson was blaming the left, on election night & on the very next day, just like they did on 9-11! they had all their talking points all ready, and they all went to work, all over the place, MSM, Politicians, their many brainwashed followers(Who are conditioned to go against their own best interests!), etc., to bring Progressive policies DOWN, & to keep the American People Enslaved, Dis-Empowered, Distracted, Confused, Divided & Conquered & Just Barely Surviving! #RevolutionNow! Know our True Enemies…It's NOT Each Other, Americans!!!

  9. Sabby, how can u, as an intelligent Progressive, still be so immersed in & fooled by the duopoly??!! We know that both parties are comprised of bought off, war mongering, gaslighting elitists! The duopoly, like professional wrestling is rigged so what does it matter who wins?!
    We already got Obama in for 8 years & he too turned out to be a fraud!!!! Why do you buy into the Democratic party as a legitimate entity?! I cannot believe that that isn't behind you yet!!!!! Smh

  10. most republicans are racists, but so are most democrats….racism is about economics and because both parties are one in the same with corporate agendas, anyone you vote for with an R or D in front of their names will support such racism, soft or overt.

  11. Sabby Don't know if you will see my comments 3 weeks later. Also from Mass. Both my grandpas war that same hat as Dr. Wolfe and somebody also from Mass recently posted a picture of one and called it a "newsboy." Your assessment of the Damn Dems is so right on.

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