Dems Midterm Strategy: FORCE People To Care About Jan 6 | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Krystal and Saagar question the Dems desperate midterm strategy of focusing on January 6th instead of combatting inflation or gas prices

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Ross Barkan:

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  1. It’s also hilarious because the dems were literally handed an opportunity to lead the country and work hard for Americans but instead they continue to blame everything but their own incompetence for our current situation

    Conservatives now have the same opportunity. Let’s hope they don’t squander it

  2. The Democrats always try – and fail – to distract from what is really going on, by using the msm to saturate the airwaves with whatever propaganda they're currently pushing. I'm one that assumes the opposite of whatever the popular narrative is but I'd wager the average American citizen is not so aware.

  3. This is the reason why Pelosi and other Dems did not secure the White House on J6…so they have something in their pocket to demonize the other side of the isle.

  4. Timing is not a coincidence. This is all out of fear of Trump or someone like him to kick their butts again. They are losing their base. They must keep the blue no matter who ignorant crowd because even many of them are waking up… a little.. Worst administration since Carter.

  5. As much as I detest both parties. The Jan 6th was TREASON. And we as Americans should CARE about that. If not, what is the point of this government OR Nation? This oligarchy or kleptocracy has always at least abided by some rules. Trump and the crazy followers committed blatant and unapologetic acts of Sedition and Treason.. and should hang. Even the oligarchs are concerned this act exposed the 'fraud' of our duopoly as a FARCE. Even so! It is in the interest of the Oligarchs to take Trump to task.. and never let him touch the reigns of power.. as he almost overturned the Oligarchs apple cart so He could STAY IN POWER.. no .. that will not do.. the Oligarchs have this shit in lockdown for their own interests and never ever let Trump touch this again.

  6. So you know. Although you both say it was horrible, real people could not give a crap that these elite were afraid vs all the other riots where real people lost their homes and businesses. Actually that you both have not understood why real people don’t care that AOC was afraid of a non issue vs the millions that were afraid to lose their business sand home wa somehow a bigger issue. Wake the heck up.

  7. All Republicans have to do to win is A) Not run with Trump (and I voted for him the first time around, and almost reluctantly 2nd – but ultimately Jorgenson) I realize he got constant bombardment and did a lot of good things but he also shot himself in the foot too many times. Mainly we don't need to give them any ammo to ramp up their machines. The second thing B) They need to do is quit going against Student Loan Forgiveness. It is a really bad look. They don't have to embrace it entirely but interest rates must be slashed significantly or partial forgiveness. The bootstraps mentality will not work. There are tens of millions who are not just democrats with loans. It affects every day life even with a 2nd job and living within means. Rent is sky high Home buying is ultra competitive and limited entry level homes. Is it unfair in some way for others who delayed schooling or took longer to achieve a degree, yes, but we have to figure out a way to have more middle class peoples payment at least go to the principal or have an extra 100-200 in their account each month that in many cases doesn't go to a wasted product they can't sell or use in a degree that was made up in under water basket weaving and C) Don't fight abortion as hard that is just a win for Democrats and helps them get young uneducated voters because of the impact it has on their emotions. In fact I'd love to see nothing more than some wild pairing like Caitlin Jenner and Candace Owens on a ticket just to muffle their typical heterosexual white male narrative based on sexual preference/race/gender.

  8. Still on the Jan 6th Bull- 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ that’s what happens when they believe in nothing – have nothing to offer their constituents- only Americans are treated like childish fools

  9. Joe Biden and the Democratic Party leadership cast their lot with the nation’s oligarchs and the broken economic structure which both they and the entire GOP created. It comes as no surprise that this economic structure has been increasingly failing the national economy, country, and most Americans over the past 50 years. Yet, we continue to see the no-choice elections that this political/economic establishment favors because they would rather wreck the national economy and kill/starve the American people than abandon a rigged economy/federal government which will predictably wreck the national economy and hurl the world toward WWIII. When their economic house of cards predictably implodes, they will have no one but themselves to blame for what follows.

    The American people are done with them all. We’re talking about Americans on both sides of the political spectrum. Hence, the reason U.S. oligarchs, like Charles Koch, could not garner widespread public support for outlawing dirty money in politics and had to resort to their bribed Congressional lackeys (i.e., entire Congressional Republican caucus, Manchin, and Sinema) to prevent the John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2021 from passing.

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