Dems & Republicans Block Draw Down Of Troops From Afghanistan

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  1. Trumps wants try get us out, some want stay there. If Biden get into office wants us stay there another couple more years. Media not talk about this issue who in pocket in of DNC.

  2. The Dems get twice as much bang for their buck because they also take campaign $$$ from the Military Industrial Complex, so voting for continued war in Afgh. serves their own re-election interests as well as voting against Trump just because he's for it.

  3. $9 trillion and that's just wasted… never bothered to try reconstruction after we bomb the shit out of entire countries. We helped rebuild Japan and Germany and now they're two of our closest allies. That's how you actually stop ppl from trying to defend themselves or attack you… this is neverending

  4. The one time Trump tries to do something halfway right, fucking establishment jump at his throat harder then ever. We are so fucked. They also blocked him from removing troops from North and West Africa.

  5. Hey Kyle, don’t forget Iran in terms of geopolitical strategy for staying in Iraq and Afghanistan. Those two countries literally have Iran in between them. It’s literally the US doing the geopolitical equivalent of setting up the staging area for their war with Iran.

  6. How many times could we have rebuild our infrastructure with 9 trillion dollars?

    I'm on the left but just so everyone is aware the green New deal proposed from AOC cost $92 T

    Me personally I think that's still worth it…

    But even if those are just numbers spewed from a right-winger, cut the beach in half and you still are talking about $46 T

  7. Kyle makes an interesting point in this one: It's not just one party issue, stuff: We know seem to have government/leadership by TANTRUM… Boys and Girls, I don't know about you, but I don't remember a single nation in the entirety of history lasting more than few years (AT BEST) under the reins of children. It's not even a classroom, just a bunch of f****n oversized kids.

  8. Where did u get that $9Trillion number from? Bc u forgot to factor in the additional $21Trillion dollars that the Pentagon"lost" since the start of tge iraq war in 2001.

  9. Your incredulity is how everyone should be feeling but the masses are so brainwashed by TDS. It’s madness. I’d like to add that Tulsi, Ro Khana, and Brown were the only 3 Dems that voted against this bullshit. Tulsi still fighting the fight! ✊??

  10. I do not think democrats engage the conservatives enough as it seems more left wingers are becoming republicans than right wingers becoming democrats. Something should really be done about that like having someone good at debate challenge Ben Shapiro.

  11. What fool is surprised by this? They're always bipartisan when it comes to screwing us and making money for themselves and their owners. Otherwise they play good cop/bad cop so they can blame the other to get away with doing things that don't exactly align with their supposed positions. It's a spectacle. It's not real. The agree on almost everything. These wars and occupations are now just institutions and part of reality for people, they ain't gotta explain shit to anybody.

    Now how ya gonna reform that?

  12. What if Trump releases free energy tech that's been suppressed for years? Cold fusion. What if he releases all the UFO files? What if he were to bring the federal reserve into the treasury and then blew up the central banking system? What if he exposed all the global pedophiles? Would you like him then? Stay tuned…

  13. As a US Army veteran with service in the Middle East, I share & totally concur with Kyle's disgust & indignation. The corrupt military-industrial complex continues unabated. And both parties are complicit in these crimes against the American tax payers & the civilians overseas.

  14. This is why some of us shake our heads when Americans call themselves "the greatest nation in the world". We know America is nothing but a rich thief. All about other countries resources, America is the real dictator and bully!