Dems Say No Stimulus Checks Until March — GENERAL STRIKE Time!

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Edited by Michael Wurum

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  1. I can proudly say you get what you voted for and i told you the Dems were worse than Trump. 4 years to go with Beijing Biden. Expect a couple more wars!

  2. Sadly, a general strike won't happen. I think the only remaining tactics that remain are small strategic surgical strikes and coordinated infrastructure blockages. Lessons can be learned from activists in Europe, and notably, Britain, where Extinction Rebellion has achieved some success.

  3. Now remember this one Quote from the end of the Show. "Don't get complacent. Joe Biden is not your friend. He is not your ally. If we want him to do anything we will have to force him. " – Gravel Institute
    This concept comes- All while Dems and the deliberately under-educated enable, allow, (some even demand) that the Government should enact legislature (make laws) to stop anyone from protesting their actions, questioning their motives, and speaking out against the "Party". They Certainly won't stand for anyone attempting to force the One Great Party to do anything! That by the new definition will be "Domestic Terrorism".
    Are any of you getting it yet? Is anyone awake yet? It's pretty obvious, right? Is this thing on?

  4. I still don’t understand why people believe politicians and the media. The voted for a politician that has been in office for 47 years and has a crime Bill as his signature piece of legislation. His whole time there he’s loved to vote for war, but people thought he was the guy who cared.

    Why did the fact that the CIA and the MSM openly work together not bother people? I can’t believe people are embracing censorship as well. What a joke.

  5. does anyone remember when protesters were outside the white house and the left just laughed and called trump bunker boy or whatever and trump walked out holding a bible or something? i barely remember but there was no national guard lockdown and nobody arrested the group or banned any politician who agreed and laughed at that insurection… because trump maybe wasn't a dictator?

  6. You need to contact the Indian Farmers who organized a 250 million man strike. You'll have to organized an interpreter but they could give you tips

  7. Cov-sars-2's official announcement:

    Due to constantanly waching the lack of care & empathy to your health by your irresponsible governments during this pandemic, I, the Sars-Cov-2, have taken it upon myself to leave this pandemic &, by doing so, give you the much-needed relief that your governments have proven to be incapable of delivering.

    It's of high importance to note that compared to my short existence, your governments, time & time again, have left you in a much worse situation than my ilk & I could've left you in.

    Had I known what kind of societal viruses you humans are having to deal with on a daily basis, this mere virus would not have intruded upon your fargile lives, regardless of my unintended virological design.

    Please, accept my deepest commiseration for your corrupt governments, thereby, your state of affaires.

    With virological kindness,


  8. I wonder if we can somehow use the knowledge of the recent protests India and France as a form of inspiration for motivating people to engage in mass protests in the US.

  9. C’mon man. It’s what people want. Most popular president in history, right? Anyone with half a brain knew what they would get, but the TDS was so strong that they voted for what gave them Trump in the first place. So, suck it up and watch tour country crumble.

  10. A rent strike is an awful idea. Not all landlords are millionaires. I have a rental unit to help pay my mortgage. With a rent strike I'll lose my home and my rental unit.

  11. The only thing these folks see are dollar signs. Boycott businesses like Amazon. The pawns, (elected officials) will act when high rollers like Jeff Bezos begin to lose revenue…..

  12. This group of congressmen and senators is the most corrupt group of scumbags we've ever had. Can you name any that aren't corrupt scumbags? I can name 7 that I "think" aren't corrupt. Out of 435 members I've got 7. We need a great reset. A total mass exodus of congressmen and senators. Then get the lobbying and money out of there completely. And term limits. And reinstate the law prohibiting lawyers from being in the house or senate.

  13. Here’s a thought for these brain dead “progressives”: stop falling for the lip service lies that politicians that bill themselves as progressives spew. Their track record really doesn’t show that they’re any different than the rest of them.

  14. America is a typical Narcissistic Family. The Parents have Ego-Disorders where their needs$ and desires$ are paramount and the Children are starved, kept confused and dependent, even guilty, for having their owns needs. And of course, this leaves the Children to fight each other over the crumbs.

  15. We the people need to unite no matter what your ideology is Left Right conservative liberal Dem whatever we must unite and get rid of this corrupt government we have to stop fighting amongst each other that's what they want to divide and concur we the people of America need to unite. Love and respect to all of humanity ❤???