Dems Say QUIET PART OUT LOUD On Their Debt Ceiling Mess

Krystal and Saagar bring viewers up to speed on the debt ceiling battle taking place within the halls of congress and what Dems are planning on doing about it

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  1. Here's an Idea:

    That Means Cutting a Trillion in Bullsh*t which is a Good Thing.

    That Only Stops the bleeding from the spending But Doesn't Stop the INTEREST ON THE DEBT.

  2. Krystal and Saagar don't appear to be wise enough to realize Debt IS A PROBLEM…. Especially When it GROWS 100's of Billion$ to Trillion$ a Year!

    We cannot even Pay Back What we Currently OWE!

  3. The United States federal government is never ever ever ever ever ever going to run out of money never. The United States federal government is the Creator and the issuer of the currency the US dollar. Article 1 Section 8 of The Constitution Congress has the power of the purse. This debt-ceiling nonsense is nothing but childish nonsense. Professor Stephanie Kelton Bernie Sanders Chief economist learn mmt please

  4. Ps, the debt ceiling is kind of stupid. And Saager seems to agree. So…? The national debt irrelevant. K and S would literally be the most effected Americans from an implosion of the US dollar.. yet from them, it just business. Who cares? Watch and wait. Suburbia will be fucked, lol. Listen to yourselves in this segment. I largely agree with your combined view. But you are not speaking about any sort of limit. You are joking about what will ultimately fuck us. As it is debt and spending. It isn’t about anything, it is ultimately about our national security. You both sound like DC insiders on this topic,but I guarantee are are both wrong on this one. Frankly I am shocked.

  5. "There is no alternative to raising the debt ceiling" – – – of course there is – start living within your means like every other American has to do and stop giving away BORROWED money to foreign powers.

  6. You mean just print money… Like we have been doing. So the US is the biggest terrorist state with unlimited funds. Talk about a Ponzi scheme…There is hardly anything in the US that isn't a scam on one level or another. The US sits at the heart of planet Ponzi.

  7. Debt absolutely means something 2 Americans, bc they're all in debt 2 greedy private banksters, who lent them the money they should have paid in wages. C the Democracy @ Work channel 4 more info

  8. People care about inflation. Raising the debt ceiling means more spending that can’t be accounted for by the tax revenue. That means more money in circulation. And that means higher inflation.

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