Dems Turn On Biden For Blowing Up Nord Stream Pipeline!

Former Democratic Congressman and presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich was among the more prominent speakers at the recent Rage Against the War Machine rally in Washington DC. In addition to calling for an end to the Ukraine War, Kucinich highlighted reporter Seymour Hersh’s revelations that the Biden administration planned and carried out the Nord Stream pipeline bombing, and called for Biden and his cronies to be fully investigated.

Guest host Aaron Maté and Americans’ Comedian Kurt Metzger talk to The Grayzone’s Max Blumenthal about Kucinich’s speech and the possible fallout from Hersh’s story.

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  1. All this shows that the US government has been taking over by a syndicate of criminals that will eventually result in the destruction of this nation.
    Ever since the assassination of JFK, this syndicate of criminals has refined their craft that the last two (Buffoon Turdmp and Bellicose Joe) act with impunity and are allowed by a timid and divided American people to violate and trample a constitution that supposable meant their freedom.
    Hell! If a homegrown insurrectional traitor can be brought to justice, what makes anyone think that an international infrastructural terrorist will be.
    I say we're all screwed.

  2. The only member of congress who could actually explain the seriousness of this situation to the other members of congress is: Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky. Please urge Jimmy Dore -all of you & former congressman Kucinich to write to Congressman Massie. Get former congresswoman Gabbard on board as well. If you'd like to expedite the action – lay it all out in bullet points (use easy to understand words) and send it to MTG – – show her the constitutional violations and she'll dress in camo and deliver hell fire while on the floor . . .before you do it, be kind and arm Jim Jordan with a fire extinguisher 🤓👍

  3. This clip should be played in Germany media in different languages for all those people care for peace, Environment, for All those think of USA as a friendly nation.

  4. So, following US logic, since we committed a terrorist act against Russia, by blowing up their pipeline, does that mean Russia would be justified to launch drone strikes against targets within the USA? Basically they could claim they were joining the “war on terror,” by going after the White House, Pentagon and CIA buildings?

  5. You think Progressives are anti war? That’s a ridiculous comment. The Nazis used the progressive playbook. They have been a party of destruction, racism, war and murder since their inception.

  6. I generally find Kurt to be obnoxious, but for some reason, he comes across as a bit more tolerable when Aaron is hosting / Max is on the show. In truth, I just don't think Kurt has a generally really bad comedic / conversational chemistry when paired with Jimmy – probably bc Jimmy is a far more clever, incisive and funnier comedian than Kurt will likely ever be. I guess his deficiencies don't stand out nearly so badly, though, when the host / guests aren't competing for a laugh.

    I also get the sense that Kurt feels like he has to try too hard when Jimmy's on – like, he's almost desperate to win Jimmy's attention or something – something which becomes even more evident when you see how more relaxed / less annoyingly interruptive he's been while Jimmy's been away.

    As a fan of the show, this fact introduces a catch 22: I can't wait for Jimmy to come back, but I'm also not looking forward to Kurt regressing back into the obnoxious child he becomes when Jimmy's at the helm. I think Kurt would be a fun co-host on a different show, with a different kind of host – like, the comic relief for a host that is more chill and sedate. It's redundant, though, when Jimmy's around, since we already have a very witty, funny guy, and there's no need for someone who is not nearly as funny and insightful. Just my two cents, not that anyone on the show cares what I think 🤣

  7. As someone who became a hardcore leftist during the W years, I was a huge fan of Dennis Kucinich's and actively supported both of his failed bids for the presidency, basically without question.

    Looking back on it now from the perspective of someone who is, today, a philosophically libertarian, conservative leaning individual, I think he could very well be the only politician I supported from my leftist youth that I don't actually feel completely embarrassed about. I always kind of saw him as the Ron Paul of the Left: The one guy in his own party that ever had at least a shred of integrity, but as a result, would never get the support from the powerful establishment goons who fix the primaries in favor of their favored puppet. He was like the proto-Bernie Sanders figure – that is, before Bernie became a sell out tool for the corporate Left.

    Dennis being persuaded to endorse Obama in the 11th hour was a bit of a disappointment, but I think it was understandable, and he did at least make Obama win his endorsement…even if Obama didn't actually commit to anything he promised in order to get it. I won't hold it against him too harshly though, since a lot of people were fooled by the ultimately neocon lite that Obama ended up being. Live and learn, I suppose. Just glad to see he isn't pulling a Bernie and kissing Biden's ass.

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