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  1. I really wish that YouTube was obligated to foot the legal bill when creators want to challenge a ruling, and that YouTube could in no way try to obstruct justice by doing things like this. Yes, I know it's unfair to Google but they're a monopoly which is unfair to the whole western hemisphere. YouTube makes money from your hard work, they can and will use your image on their advertisements, and they can use anything you've uploaded for whatever they want as if it was theirs so yeah, screw YouTube.

  2. Never doubted you would beat them TUG. anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together can see you are not bullying anyone. You talk facts, the paperwork is in front of the viewer as you discuss the topic. All your information is, like you say, public and if the mainsheep media did their job and researched they'd be as clued up as the Depp community and clear on the truthing.

  3. The music industry and Hollywood are equally as corrupt, along with "mainstream" being as salacious as their "tabloid" news brothers. You and other You Tubers are putting out facts that some powerful people want buried. YT needs to take a better look at their platform but I doubt they will 🙁

  4. This level of censorship to protect an abuser is so disturbing. Everyone who protected this woman is looking dumber and dumber by the day. How can one person hold so much power? things need to change drastically. keep up the good work and keep speaking the truth That Umbrella Guy we appreciate you and everything you do. blessUP

  5. Being from the UK, I can tell you…..The Sun newspaper wouldn't even be trusted as a replacement for toilet paper by the vast majority, let alone as a reliable source for news and information.

  6. He’s right these are things that need to be brought into the light . Though uncomfortable at times . So people learn these injustices won’t be tolerated . And that due process still exists. But most importantly that people without a moral standard learn that this won’t be tolerated

  7. Harassment is what they accuse you of?! Just for reporting on official court documents of public interest? Documents that were submitted into the PUBLIC court record with witness statements & actual forensic evidence found by experts that prove she lied & which also provide proof of her evidence tampering? THAT'S why YouTube got their undies in a twist? What the heck are they becoming that they can censor someone in a free speech nation for simply reporting facts & evidence, yet the lies she tells seem just fine by them on a lot of other channels? Why is that okay? Not cool, YouTube.

  8. Seems like people are just to board now days and just need to do things because they don't like something or others opinions. Just mess with people because they can I guess. Its really sad…but you always say it as it it Tug 👍👍😎🎤

  9. This is like being pulled over for Nothing by officer, in to justify giving you a ticket, he shoots out your tail light, giving you a ticket for a broken tail light. And just to make sure he turned off his body Cam and the cars camera footage. But after writing the ticket, he takes a photograph to prove that the tail light was broken. So not only are you a liar if you say that you didn't have a broken tail light, you're stuck paying a fine for something that wasn't even your fault. And as a consequence, now you have to pay to have your tail light replaced as well. My point is, the YouTube platform needs to be fixed. How are you supposed to defend against a strike, if the video was deleted as a policy. It doesn't even give you a chance to fix the section of the video that was claimed in the dispute. Or at the very least, they could give you an opportunity to delete it after a claim is made, to avoid the strike, if it can't be fixed. Just seems like the people making the claims have more power than the YouTubers you created them. Also there should be a deadline on when you can place a strike on a video. They shouldn't be able to do it four days later, or even months or years later. There has to be a statue of limitations put in place. And it shouldn't have to be entirely up to the climber to prove their case, not the Creator.

  10. Hey @TUG You know I am a fan and that I support your channel. However, this particular content I must call out as intellectually dishonest. Yes, it is true that creators have experienced weird stuff going on in relation to exposing the JD/AH case. However, I was on the live on the day in question and I believe that the reason you received the strike for "Harassment/Cyberbullying" had to do with the fact that you allowed chatters and moderators to drive the chat content into the ditch regarding the Chappelle/transgender issue, and then a whole bunch of participants were free to run their necks in a full-throated manner against the LGBTQ+ community and paint Chappelle as some sort of victim/saint. So, to go on at length re: JD/AH being the cause of your strike is not the full story. And, frankly, this kind of "bait-and-switch" happens in a lot of chat circumstances and I, for one, wish creators and their mods would hold that to a minimum. The mods, however, sometimes contribute to the problem by removing diverse opinions on the matter while allowing, in this circumstance, the "Chappelle is a saint and transgendered people are too woke" content to remain in the chat (this happens to me frequently when mods strike my comments that don't reflexively go on with the bandwagon chatters). Creators are ultimately responsible for that. Frequently, I arrive to a chat to participate in content that is advertised as discussing the JD/AH stuff and wind up, instead, in a chat room that sounds like Tucker Carlson 2.0. The chat that day was undeniably anti-transgender and I believe that is why you got a strike (which has, thankfully, been removed but not without a lot of hard work and anxiety dealt to you over it). You have the power to prevent that in the future by having more of a hand in the moderation of the chat, and in training your moderators to do the same. I know this is an unpopular opinion. So be it. I still love you and support your channel!!

  11. Eat a 🌽🍆🥔🫑🥦🥒🥕 …. big bag of vegetables… AH Stan's(hoping this will post now) Having a hard time getting this to stick. I'm encouraging a group of people to eat healthy and…??? I'm not seeing a problem here?!

  12. It’s disgusting that people are allowed to target YouTube channels just because they don’t like what is being told even though it’s the truth. You aren’t bullying anyone the spammers are bullying YOU.

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