Dennis Kucinich: where are the pro-peace Democrats?

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Dennis Kucinich, who led Congressional opposition to the Iraq war, reacts to the Congressional Progressive Caucus retracting a letter calling for diplomacy with Russia. “If we don’t believe in diplomacy,” Kucinich asks, “then where do we go as a country?”.

Guest: Dennis Kucinich. Former Congressmember (D-Ohio) and former Mayor of Cleveland.

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  1. I find parallels with ancient Rome striking, an empire in decline, turning against its own people internally as external forces become more powerful and while assiduously maintaining democratic forms while actual democracy has died.

  2. It is pretty simple. USA is a fascist terrorist state and has been for many years now. There are currently no members of our government or governmental orgs that are not accomplices to this fascist, terrorist regime. We need to treat every last one of them as the war criminals that they are.

  3. Good interview until he said that Alqueda was involved in 9/11. Everyone and anyone who does even a bit of research knows that elements of the Bush administration, the CIA and Mossad did 9/11. The 'Muslims' were the patsies and all the wars the United States started after the 9/11 false flag benefitted only Israel. 9/11 is a litmus test of sorts with regards to the truth. If you repeat the establishment narrative on 9/11 you can't be trusted, period.

  4. It is clear that we have ZERO representation in our govt and all that they give us are "WORDS" while they abuse & exploit us and destroy our country and our world… where does it stop? how does it stop? when does it stop?

  5. Aaron, thank you bringing decent people on your show. I cannot believe that you were uninvited to that Tech event. How can any decent person ‘un invite’ someone as well meaning, decent and honest like you is beyond me!!

  6. Rep. Kucinich has an incredibly strong
    moral core. He's a thinker, a humanist, a realist, an intellect, and courageous. I'm happy you had him appear as a guest on your program.

  7. I don't like Dennis Kucinich. Not because I disagree with him a lot, but just because he is a weaselly ambitious creeper who has a playboy model wife a head taller than him and he dresses like a little boy. BUT, he can do a good job and make a lot of good points that a lot of people listen to – and that is what counts. Kucinich has grit, true grit.

    And on this point – he is absolutely right and on point. The problem though that I think he fails to make or address is that the people who pay for politics in America pay for both sides so that when it comes to issues like this they can say to Democrats, tow the line or you won't get any money – because all the money now comes from more or less the same place – the Military-Industrial-Media-Congressional-Energy-Health_Care Corporatocracy. I've never seen this country so cowed and bowled over by such absolute BS propaganda, and after all the times we've heard the same thing before … it is absolutely revolting.

  8. Trillion gone. 10 billion gone. Not spent on helping the poor or working class. 9/11 was not what has been reported. Gerrymandering, voter rights violated, terrible healthcare and education system…..Russia and China did this to us.

  9. Personally, when you look at the number of crazies threatening to kill people – I think our whole government is terrorized and unable to come out and tell us how they are manipulated and threatened. I believe that the Pro-Peace Democrats, or Anti-Trump Republicans are stuck just playing a puppet role in a reality game – because if they get too honest and too real, they know they will get a bullet.

  10. An actual honest politician. I was happy to sign his petition of articles to impeach Bush. A real name and address petition. The future might have been much more peaceful had Bush been imprisoned for his war crimes.

  11. the fact that wikipedia tried to label The Grayzone as "fringe" leftist media when they try to ask the simple question of "where are the democrats who used to be anti war?" proves that all facets of information have been corrupted by the military industrial complex, including wikipedia

  12. Let's face it. The American people lost any chance to have a say in how the United States is run when President Kennedy was murdered. Now, to slightly misquote Major General Smedley Butler, America is just a war racket.

  13. it's about $$ they are fleecing the american population-taking taxpayer money to pay american defense corps to give ukraine weapons to defend to the last ukranian against a bear the u.s provoked in order to cow populations everywhere and move more money to the elites.

  14. Why you never talk about the WEF, Agenda 2030, 100 dual citizens from only apartheid country unmentionable, potentially 1B dead from forced medicine, pharma = 80% news ad revenue, 1M/yr coming across border, Wash D.C. is a ghost town, etc., etc. C'mon guys!! You're supposed to be the light.

  15. russia and usa should each exchange one existing warhead.. to detonate on one city in the others country.. so each people can see wtf is going to happen to EVERY CITY IN THEIR COUNTRY.. if this madness insanity and corruption continues.

  16. The hubris of the Transatlantic 'League' will be healed toward Emersonian 'self-sufficiency' when all coastal cities have been destroyed by massive attacks.

    It will happen – the Russians and Chinese are just slow when it comes to these necessary decisions, so it may take years – but this outcome is inevitable as Transatlantic political culture of 'enlightened' chauvinism can't be reversed without 'walking in ashes and sack cloth', literally ….

  17. The 'squad' was created to fool the easily-fooled the party can be changed from corporate control to people control if enough people support the 'squad'. Obviously impossible in this corporate-controlled system which the 2014 Princeton University research confirmed serves the corporations not the people. JFK was the last US president to oppose the military/industrial complex and he paid the ultimate price. The US hawks wanted JFK to nuke the USSR. Opting for peaceful coexistence with the USSR and Cuba, and ordering the withdrawal of US troops from Vietnam got JFK killed by the military-industrial complex which controls the US. LBJ reversed the order, four days after the assassination.

  18. Dennis Kucinich was one of the few members of congress with any integrity. He was excoriated by the left and the right. That means he was truthful. We need more like him to serve

  19. He is the only former presidential candidate who publicly spoke-out against the Trump investigation on constitutional grounds back in 2016 that I am aware of and/or remember.

  20. For at least the last few hundred years wars have all been the same. Smedley Butler's book about the World Wars describes them perfectly. Wars are business investments that won't benefit the average everyday poor people that fight and die in them.

  21. We need politicians who have courage to do the right thing and tell the truth no matter how much pressure is put on them and if they don’t have the spine to do what’s even if it cost them there seat. Every day many ordinary, people have to deal with extraordinary situations and find the courage to do what’s right.

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