Dependent on Homebuilder Handouts

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We’re starting to see the consequences of helping the unprepared buy houses.


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  1. Some of my earliest memories as a kid in the 1970s were seeing my parents "build" our driveway first with gravel then those flagstone slab things (which lots of houses used to have) and years later they finally got a proper drive down. Interestingly in my teens a carport and finally a nice garage. That was a 3Bed Brick Veneer with a mud block in the Sydney Suburbs. Within a couple of years they had transformed it with nice lawn and gardens and an above ground pool all build it over many weekends. So it is hard to be too sympathetic, I saw that article before and thought exactly the same thing. Roof over your head, running water…move in and make do.

  2. Never heard of Lang Lang. Thought it is a suburb of Melbourne but is in the middle of nowhere. Even more surprising the only 2 bed 1 bathroom in the town is over $400k. WTF!!! 😳Those are inner city prices and this is a country town.

  3. She should have bought an established house. She said she works from home and has no support network so move out further into the country and get a cheaper established home. all up looks like she spent $500k or so. way too much. Sorry but she was not ready for this at all.

  4. IT IS A HUMAN RIGHT to have, at-least a 3 bedroom room, double garage, 2 bathroom, ensuite in main bedroom, swimming pool, with air conditioning, maybe throw in a free luxury car, etc. With a maximum of 1% interest rate for the duration of the loan. The government needs to do something about this

  5. Hey Florian,
    I like your channel and I've been watching for a couple of years now, so no intention of disrespect but not everyone had an opportunity to lock in a sub 2% interest rate.

    I'm very glad to be a home owner for the first time as of a month ago and I went in much better prepared than the lady above (even supporting my wife and three kids on just my income as well as childcare).
    I consider myself very fortunate to have gotten where I am but I worked my arse off to get here and with where rates are now, I'm going to have to work much harder.
    A lot of people saw a door open to finally be a homeowner and struck while the iron was hot rather than whinging, moping and waiting around.
    We shouldn't shoot people down for taking a calculated risk to better their situation (providing it's done responsibly).
    Myself and many others got into Home Builder early, fixed our contracts, made compromises on location so we could build within our means and were responsible by having a cash buffer plus an emergency fund.
    The problem many of us faced was the bottlenecks in supply, absolutely shitty trades that rushed work or cut corners that needed to be repeatedly fixed, COVID lockdowns in Victoria and so many other things.
    These kind of delays were not predictable in mid 2020 and it really screwed people that came out on the other side who were unable to fix their rates until they were approaching 5%.

    I don't expect anything further from the RBA or the government but I believe they didn't do much to insulate the damage they would cause people who would face these rates on the other side due to an overloaded construction industry that they caused.
    I'm just saying that not everyone had the same opportunity to lock in a mega low rate. Believe me I tried and I'd be mad not to.

  6. This is what is wrong with our housing market. Relying on the government to front up the remainder or prop up what you don't have already. She is lucky she built when she did and not last year or January, 80-100k blow out plus additional rent.

    100% right. Move in, get 300 bucks of blue metal and you've got a driveway… Have to make do, can't always get everything you want.

    At least she has two good sized rooms to rent out, find a student and make it work.

  7. Definitely more “not my fault” entitlement coming with payouts from government which will turn into more payments and more problems. I give it 6-8 months to blow up.

  8. when I bought my first home it was 35 years old, my second home was 2 years old when we bought it and I can tell you the house that was 35 years old was built better than the crap 2-year-old house, the house is now 22 years old, I hope to sell up by the end of the year, and I will be looking for an older home to buy.

  9. Thats sad, poor govenment policy and iresponsable loaning buy banks and coerced unrealistic expectation buy buyer = poor outcome.

    The previous govenment has broken everthing they touched, its going to take many many years to recover and we are only just starting to see the cracks.

  10. Why is it always a single mum in the articles and making her to be a victim? Most single mums ive met are destructive in nature and have no money, they rely on govt hand outs rental assistsnce, child support, domestic violence support, child care assistance etc etc…you know my ex husband was a psycho, is what all of them say.

  11. The instant gratification centric/mindset within society sets up a lot of people up for failure, instead of considering their station in life and setting up smart goals, the lure of the flashy new toys, houses with all fixtures and finishes with an at all costs mindset has set them up for a lifetime of stress, indebtedness and unrest which is provides no lasting fruit and robs one from enjoying the present.

  12. What! Single mo5her? SHE IS GETTING Gubment support and child support. By the way! Her ex is sleeping in his car and will go to jail if he cannot pay her. Si gle mother my ARSE.

  13. Handouts! This is partly to blame why these people are in this mess. Hopefully the government will learn from this and use our hard earned taxes for more productive things in future!

  14. Yea! Gubment swoops in with our Money! Scomo picks a fight with CHINA ,and mzkes us a target. Pine gap. DARWIN Butterworth in Malaysia.
    Then pisses of.will he and his wife and daughters go fight the chinees? NAH GET SOME POOR SMUCK TO GO OVER.
    UKRAINE, DEMOCRATIC my arse, why do you 5hink the Bidenx are in business over there?

  15. Brave independant whaman? MEN HAVE been keeping a women and three kids on his own for years, evan though he is a TOXIC MALE.
    Lady! This is what all men have done and then he gets the house stolen from him by the FAMILY court a d he ends up paying child support and SLEEPING IN HIS CAR.
    Go and get a real job in co xtruction and work out in the hot sun and the rain. NAH, will not do that.

  16. That s right Florian! The gvt sells the dream of the housing market, buy a house and you ll be rich. And in the meantime the wealth of the country, iron ore and all the rest of it is sold cheap to the rest of the world, without ANY benefits for us Australians.. where is that money going?

  17. the homebuilder grants don't even cover cost of gst to build… but without home builder I wouldn't of purchased a new property i would of purchased a existing one. if they removed the gst off a new home that would make it affordable for first home buyers.

    Without grants builders would go broke cause most new homes are purchased by young ppl.

  18. Govt been juicing the market for years, just kicking the can down the road, they might kick it again but eventually they’ll stub their toes.

    People leverage the capital gains on their previous property to buy more property, but that money was not in the bank.

    Be interesting to see how things unfold when people cannot afford to pay the rent they demand; at the end of it all everything is worth what the purchaser will (or is able to) pay.

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