Deplatforming Dissent — Independent Media Targeted.

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#TheJimmyDoreShow is a hilarious and irreverent take on news, politics and culture featuring Jimmy Dore, a professional stand up comedian, author and podcaster. The show is also broadcast on Pacifica Radio Network stations throughout the country.

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THE JIMMY DORE SHOW is a comedy lifeline for people on the left and right (but definitely NOT the center) who are sick of bought politicians and gaslighting corporate journalists manufacturing consent for wars.


  1. FFS Jordan has "debunked" NOTHING with respect to election integrity claims. He has been deliberately obtuse on the issue. Gore Florida 2000. Kerry Ohio 2004. Sanders [Multiple Primaries] 2016. Sanders [Multiple Primaries 2020]. Anyone who thinks US Elections are "free and fair" is not paying attention. Democrats and their MSM enablers spent four years pushing Russiagate disinformation and suddenly we are supposed to uncritically accept their "reporting" in the absence of a full independent audit of raw election data? C'mon. (Hey – let's talk real estate deals! I've got some hot ones!)

    This is exactly what Chomsky warns about in Manufacturing Consent (ironic that he is a fraud denier and was pushing Biden as a lesser-of-evils). Jordan knows his whole channel will be demonetized if he broaches the topic with honest reporting. So he avoids it.

    – interstate cross-check, voter roll purges
    – dramatic reduction in polling locations resulting in long lines
    – closed-source counting software (privately-owned, unreviewable)
    – closed-source signature verification software (privately-owned, unreviewable)
    – ballot harvesting (chain-of-custody gaps for ballots)
    – lack of transparency during "recounts" (observers denied access)
    – statistically improbable "surges" that favor one candidate only

    If the goal is to convince people there was no funny business, there is only one correct response: let's audit EVERYTHING to remove all doubt! Instead, the response has been the exact opposite: delay, distraction, and obfuscation. Instead of clarity, we are getting a cloud of chaos. Speaks volumes.

  2. Obama killed the Propaganda protection laws from the 40s! Time and time again it’s neocon Dems / BlueMAGA that do the real damage!
    PS: when the Democrats admit to rigging primaries! And the media are laughingstocks! Believing the nov election was rigged is a rational belief! Attack the Rot that made such a belief possible! Not those responding to it!

  3. This Censorship will only backfire especially when election time comes on and instead of reducing racism or sexism it will increase radicalization pushing people off common forums and into the back alleys of the net and meeting areas whilst reducing anyone's ability to deescalate the problems or to view where the worst areas of radicalizing happen to reside.

    Its intellectually lazy and produces more issues while ignoring current ones this is how you create riots and breed domestic terrorists. Its been known for ages and all of a sudden these old Yuppie boomers forgot Highschool history and basic civics someone please put them back in elementary school they failed. We must have Higher Standards Raise

  4. Come on already, Please stop the hyperbole… it wasn't an insurrection. The "police" let the people in, a known mixture of folks who were NOT representative of Trump supporters. All kabuki theatre. How can a smart guy be so right about some things and so willfully ignorant about others… Up your game Jimmy. Stop playing "their" game, stop the tribalism, Think for yourself. Be the guy the people need right now.

  5. Stop blaming capitalism. Usa hasn't been capitalist since at least 1971… probably earlier. What we have now is a socialist/oligarchy ponzi scheme. That is not capitalism. Get learned

  6. Deplatforming dissent has been going strong since 2016. This isn't anything new, and the time when the left could have been most effective in combating it may well be long past.

  7. The AMERICAN government, Calling the AMERICAN PEOPLE terrorists, while terrorizing, murdering, stealing, lying, trafficking, extorting, racketeering, and commiting high Treason daily….as a matter of policy. Everything is upside down ??‍♂️??‍♂️ this can't last. Channels like this one are literally exposing the crimes being committed by these rich cowards. Yet, No one is held accountable. They bath in money, so much so that this world is unrealistic to them. Therefore they want to change the entire planet, and just robbed America to fund it. IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING

  8. dont worry fellas, as hard as you guys fought reparations, after the checks go out there will be plenty of new businesses im sure someone will employee all of you hell, maybe you can work for BET. when are the checks going out again? i havent heard much about it since he got the power to do it. you dont think they feel for it again do you?

  9. I think it's funny that when you think that it's okay too censor anything dealing with positive attitude towards president Trump once the tables are turned you're a bunch of crybaby b****

  10. So funny and SAD 🙁 No one cares until something happens to them :/ Now these liberal creators are singing the censure defund blues 🙁 NONE OF IT IS OK .. going back to InfoWars and NOW NO ONE IS SAFE 🙁 Where were they when Trump was trying to get something done regarding these Big Tech Traitors? First they CAME for Alex Jones, I did not say anything because I did not like Alex Jones; NOW THEY ARE COMING FOR YOU 🙁

  11. @11:23 – Note that Google/Alphabet (the owners of YouTube) have huge contracts with the CIA. This censorship about JFK isn't about "advertisers." It is CIA. Now is the time, during the censorship and phony "fact checking" frenzy. Now is their chance to "Put the JFK accusations to rest." They're an institution, and they've been waiting for a chance to bury dissent.

  12. The fact that all the big social media companies are acting in similar ways at the same time shows they are collusion among the largest information companies in the world. I believe there are laws against that. If all of the largest insurance companies got together and said….lets all stop selling insurance to anyone that has a medical pot card or takes prescription pain killers, would our government say…nothing wrong with that. What about all the oil companies getting together and saying….let's all raise the gas price by $1.