Depp SHUTS Heard DOWN as she PLEADS with the COURT! BOOM!

Depp SHUTS Heard DOWN as she PLEADS with the COURT! BOOM!

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  1. After I watched that video of nameless one trying to video JD after his mother passed and got caught and you can see her smiling told me everything I needed to know. a female that is being DVed repeatedly doesn't do such things and then smiled about it like it was funny. An not to mention hearing nameless one one video admitting being the one doing the DV. Emily some lie detector test conducted . And personally I think she planned this from the very get-go but that's just my opinion.

  2. I also believe that because the nameless one grew up in a similar environment so nameless one knew just how to manipulate the system.

  3. jd is the real victim here, and there is no doubt about jd,she is just a nobody, a despicable liar, she is just wasting everyone time in that court,i hate her, justice for my beautiful angel jd, go jd go, we are with you, always, marvelous video umbrella guy,you are awesome

  4. Well if ASKING questions are considered attacks by AH then WHAT do they associate with "beat". If "inquiring" is looked at as ANYTHING other than questioning words, then there is no telling what AH might transpose with domestic v. A smirk? A finger? …OH, wait. She was the one that severed HIS finger and then called him a baby for even mentioning it.
    I don't like JD and he can't change that, but right now AH represents ALL WOMEN, that abuse their loyal dog, and then falsely accuse them when they show some spine. For now, SHE is the reason(one of) women feel feel totally justified lying to destroy their BF or husband or just some shmuck that give some woman a smirk…and she screams "GROPE" and she fells totally justified…"because all men are pigs". Most women I talk to are more tuned into what this all means more than I am. My wife pointed out the implications and the warping of American culture…kinda wish she hadn't.

  5. Ever consider the UK case was a known loss by his team. Knowing it would get her and her “evidence” involved without ever calling her a liar or attacking her directly…smart. Most cases against press are lost, but…It got her to show her cards so they knew exactly what to focus on when addressing the real problem, her.

  6. I think it's pretty spot on, at this point. AH signed a NDA to not bad mouth JD, then she did so. So those 7 million bucks need to go back into JD's pocket, and the cancel culture stuff would be entirely on AH's shoulders, so she would need to compensate JD for libel about being abused. The cop footage, the audio tape, the fake photographs, emails between publishers, the lawyer telling her not to go public as a (fake) domestic abuse victim all point that AH also needs jail time. That baby should be put up for adoption, and/or given back to Elon Musk. We got enough single mom kiddos out there already. What really irks me is all the press trying to spin this as Johnny Depp being a bully for not performing seppuku. All these appeals really are dumb, because it's a waste of tax payer money.

  7. Thank you for being dr explain-o for us, its nice to see facts and have them talked out as opposed to simply shouting out whatever will get a reaction, appreciate ya

  8. Send my fellas some love on " The Behavior Panel Channel" they made an insightful perspective on the nameless one. The Best Of The Best On YouTube I Promise!

  9. Well, what can we say but that PooTurd and her Asswipes are going to keep singing that same damn song like it will mean something different after they sing it ad nauseam. Lord have mercy! Desperation, utterly desperation!
    Thank you, TUG, ?

  10. I thought she said she has lots of evidence. Then why would she want it thrown out so bad and give up one million . There is no way she would so she knows she's in trouble and going down. I hope she goes to jail for trying to ruin a man's life and career. Plus lying about everything in every court. Enough is enough charge her! Plus her freeloading friends. Can you imagine what johnnys kids went through you can't ever make that go away. She makes me sick. Plus the UK trial was fixed. That judge should have left that Case!