Depp vs Heard ~ Breaking Down 3 Days in Australia Incident

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  1. Haha….naked again!! These flimsy clothes are becoming very funny…ripping them off in " one fell swoop"
    No offensive but I cant see anything on her arms considering she was thrown around and scrabbling on broken glass….no scabs or bruises or bloody pictures???

  2. He threw the coffee cup at the tv and it went straight threw??…are they not encased in hard plastic? …and somehow the glass table broke as well although that could have been the night before??? You saw it happen or you didn't surely?? If someone broke a glass table you see it or you dont..
    She is muddled up sooo much. I think I remember amber was really bad on drugs that night and they were trying to keep her contained and away from johnny. She was medicated to calm her down and she had to basically be forced on a plane and escorted back to US. The audio contradicts her…she was really bad on drugs from my recollection…

  3. Thank you for the work and effort you’re putting into sharing the evidence and details of this case, especially as it is sometimes distressing for you to do so.

  4. I'm just curious if the court ask her to answer with lie detector on all questions? Why they not trying to get the truth and put her in prison or hospital ? She is very sick person

  5. Glass everywhere, and yet after he dragged her thru it she had no wounds that required medical attention? Yeah can we say fibber? And to add on this. I have spent the better part of my life in the public service industry ( bartender, liquor store manager excetera,) , so I have experience with broken glass liquor bottles. You have to have some force behind a throw for a standard Jack Daniels bottle to break fully. Distilleries take alot of care in the choice of bottles they use. To prevent breakage. Square or round , these bottles are made to crack and leak, not shatter and break. I've seen a bottle of Captain Morgan hit the ground after bouncing end for end down a flight of stairs. Concrete stairs, and completely lose the bottom of the bottle. Cleanly and neatly. But it never shattered. Your going to have to whip that bottle pretty hard to actually shatter it. ?

  6. I saw on Twitter, So sorry for your relative passed away..flower to you –<-<–@
    This is huge perjury issue. I hope she don´t get that female discounts of these lies. This is actually serious matter in justice system! We have audio on this one too, still she lied again. Johnny was detoxing usually before making movies and sober when making one. And wasn´t there is medical documents that in his system weren´t drugs. I am astonished of these lies of hers.

  7. So he cut the tip of his finger off with a plastic phone that was smashed to bits yet the phone remained perfectly intact on the counter. He threw her on the ping pong table that broke and collapsed on the floor that is actually a snooker table that was still intact. If she was a hostage there is no way she’d be walking about that house trying to cook steak and sleeping whenever she wanted he’d have her where he wanted her at all times. Also she made sure to tell everyone everything how many abuse victims go around telling everyone everything Johnny kept his mouth shut like what most abuse victims do to try keep the peace/scared of their abuser. Also on the recording you can hear the nurse talking about giving Amber her Seroquel medication, now if there is a trained nurse giving her prescription antipsychotic drugs you would think this nurse would notice all of Ambers so called injuries yet all Amber is doing is walking about saying she’s sorry and trying to find empty bags of drugs which were conveniently upstairs cos that’s where she said she found them yet the whole time she said she was upstairs sleeping or whatever and he was downstairs ?

  8. We have audio of the aftermath of Johnny's finger being severed. Nobody mentioned urine being all around. Nobody said that Amber was injured, they did say that she needed sedation.
    Many people were there, professional people.

  9. I heard the recording of the Australia fight where she threw a bottle of vodka which hit his finger that he had resting on the counter. All her lies are caught by playing the recordings. I also watched her testimonies in the UK trial..she expected like a psycho. She was eating during her testimony..pig!..

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