DeSanits: Pfizer and Moderna CAN’T hide this anymore, and we’re coming for you | Redacted News

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Written by Redacted


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  1. When he says, "They lied to us." He really means they lied to him. He's a governor, having to make decisions based on "expert" advice, and he just found out, the "experts" want to keep their paychecks. They'll say anything.

  2. All this insanity I called “Psychological, Social, Medical, Political Poo Poo” 💩

    Cannot make a conspiracy theory out of such made up BS.

    Started such a thing as “Mass Formation Paychosis” with Useful Idiots in States.

    This is also Trump’s weakness to assume that he mustn’t apologize for leading us into this overall BS hoax.

    Clayton and Natali, make sure you mention that the PCR test was invented by the Rothschild family.

  3. Go DeSantis! I honestly hate to say that I feel bad seeing DeSantis do so well. I want Trump to get a 2nd chance because I know the democrats are just going to do to DeSantis what they did to Trump but however it turns out whether it's DeSantis or Trump for president in 2024 it's good for us as a country and for that I am proud and have hope in the republican party

  4. I don't think Donald Trump realizes how much anger is pent up out there over the management of the vaccine. His one redemptive point was his willingness to keep it optional. If DeSantis runs for President, his outlook will appeal to that angry constituency.

  5. I had long COVID for 4 months, then every 1st week.of every month for 2 years (so till 2022) the symptoms all would come back. So I took Ivermectin as a personal choice for 4 days straight to be able to kill the body severe body aches symtoms…🙂

  6. That whole COVIT thing was a worldwide campaign from the pharmaceutical lobbyist in the WHO.
    It didn't work by the bird's flue, it didn't work by the swine flue, it worked by covit.
    It is covid and people died from it true, but not on an epidemic scale., there was as well medicine to treat it. That was suppressed. People died from false treatments.
    But more people died from the worldwide lockdowns and trillions of economical damage.
    That was the beginning of the interruption of the worldwide supply chains and the catering industries and transport industries and not Putin. Price increases followed., soon. Only one country didn't follow. And this country exposes all the bullshit. That country was Sweden.
    That's the evidence that all governments ignore. You saved the pharmaceutical industries and not
    the world. Business as usual.

  7. Doctors in Germany are proving that the vaccine is the cause of the heart problems that have been getting to be shown as real problem in taking the vaccine… no recall yet, on MRNA vaccine as a failed drug.

  8. Are you wonderful hard working people covering the issue with the dem administration envoking the power of the IRS against we the people of this country beginning with accounting for all financial activity over $600. (Now conveniently bumped to $10,000.) (To get the foot in the door) in a year and the multifaceted ripple affect to EVERY human not just in our country but the world in a big picture. This is a huge issue that NO MEDIA seems to care to address?

  9. Finally a governor that as the courage to make a stand and speak up in bringing forward the truth, in regards to this insane mRNA injection that was shoved down everyones throat, without proper testing! 
    Go "De Santis" Go; we got your back! Praying for your protection and God bless!

  10. Regarding childhood vaccination schedule. People in Canada are told that their children must be vaccinated in order for their children to attend public school. However that is not actually true. Tell them you are not vaccinating and they are in fact required to educate the children regardless.

  11. I live in New Zealand,one of the most controlled Countries during the so-called Pandemic and if you got the Pfeizer Vaccine you signed away any culpability for side effects.😥 Fortunately our Government has not forced the Vaccine on children.

  12. It's good to see that parts of the States are finally waking up to this nonsense. The UK are probably a little further down this track but both countries are a long way ahead of us here in Australia. Ron DeSanits is very welcome to come and replace our disgusting dictator – Daniel Andrews, in Victoria.

  13. Hey you guys at redacted, you may be a little bit behind the news at this moment. Dr John campbell, also on youtube, has recently discussed a paper which proves long covid does not exist.

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